Rolf Harris arrested over sex offense allegations in UK


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If true there goes another slice of my childhood into a deep dark pit.

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Tell me this isn't true. I remember making wobbly boards in infant school.

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Jesuz, not Rolf. Come on. Surely he only tied his kangaroo down and didn't abuse children. I am not surprised by Saville, or Eddie Starr et al, but Rolf Harris? As Thunderbird wrote, that's awful to imagine. Hoping it isn't true.

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When Rolf sang his trademark song "Two little boys" I guess we never realized it was actually a love song. This news- whilst it has just become official - has been all over the net for months - so no major shock. Hope he really is innocent - if not, then eternal shame on him.

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Starting to wonder if any of my childhood heroes weren't kiddy fiddling. Very disappointing if proven true.

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Is it fair that newspapers can name someone who has not been charged? If the allegations are fabricated, the damage to the individual cannot be wholly undone.

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Erm, what has he been charged with? Sex abuse allegations? Serious, marginal? Boys, girls, overage, underage, what?

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I'll never be able to listen to 'Jake the Peg' again. :(

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