British newspapers demand jailing of Islamist preacher


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Wow, well done.

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It's time Britain stopped being so soft on these idiots, and time for the EU driven "human rights" nonsense to be scrapped so they can be deported (sadly it seems these two were born in the UK). This young soldier had rights too, the right to walk down the street without being slaughtered. RIP Riggers..

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" “Why, when police, so in thrall to political correctness, are so quick to pounce on ‘hate crimes’ by indigenous Britons, are they so loath to prosecute the zealots who wish to see our freedoms destroyed,” it added."

Hate-crime. Every crime comes from hate.

Certain groups are not interested in integrating with their adoptive culture which also views them with the leery eye. The homogenization in Europe isn't going well.

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"Every crime comes from hate."

Even a starving person stealing bread to survive? (Sorry, couldn't resist with that Les Miserables username.)

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Surely,we should try to understand why this is happening-connect the dots and it is obvious. Many on the forum label these guys as 'sickos' or jealous of our 'free society' have zero idea of how and why people like Choudary can exist. And it is a misconception that Choudary can be deported or sent somewhere where he can't harm the infidel. He was born and educated in the UK and no doubt has a British passport,as does his wife and as his four children will be able to possess! The idea of the UK being a secular society with some having a belief in God has greatly changed. The UK is home to many foreigners and the major cities in the UK can no longer be seen as traditionally British.There are cities where the school children are ethnic majorities not minorities any longer. The UK's traditions and standards have been and are being diluted by mass immigration.

Islam is becoming the dominant religion and the funding for mosques in the UK is varied but a large contributor is Saudi Arabia.

The Saudis have a tremendous influence on the Islamic religion and in the Islamic world due to their immense wealth.However,the dominant Islam in Saudi Arabia is 'Wahhabi' Islam with tenets of Sharia law-it is the antithesis of an open tolerant religion.

Sharia law has its origins in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a country in which it is impossible to visit on a tourist visa. It is forbidden to touch a woman other than a mother or wife if male. Apart from Islam other religions are banned. How tolerant does this begin to sound? This is the religion that is being espoused by Choudary and followed by millions around the world. In the UK this ultra-conservative Islam has been evidenced in 'Muslim patrols' in parts of London which target homosexuals,drinking alcohol and the dress code of non Muslims. This conduct by Muslims has been largely tolerated by the UK government with only the most radical of preachers being dealt with. At the same time the west is running wars in several countries that have ousted moderate Islamic leaders. These leaders are being replaced with radical Wahhabi backed factions with links to Al-Qaeda. After western intervention,the people in Iraq,Libya,Syria,Afghanistan, are seeing a return to Sharia law that allows for hand cutting,blinding,lashing and execution.

According to the Council on Foreign Relations Report, Saudi Arabia is the largest source of financing for Al-Qaeda, and blamed both the U.S. and Saudi governments for not being tough enough.

And it is the case that ultra-conservative religious factions in Syria are being backed by not only Saudi Arabia but also by the US in order to accomplish regime change...........what a perfect storm!

Now, is it any wonder that a soldier was beheaded in London?

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Saudi Arabia is a country in which it is impossible to visit on a tourist visa.

Thanks for the whopper@kurisupisu

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Not a whoppper Virtuoso but I will qualify the requirements for all to see.

The US State Dept offers this advice

ENTRY / EXIT REQUIREMENTS FOR U.S. CITIZENS: A passport valid for at least six months and a visa are required for entry. Visas are issued for business and work, to visit close relatives, and for transit and religious visits by Muslims.

Unless a Muslim,on business or with close relatives you won't get in......

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In the 11th Century, the Christian Crusaders called the Muslim Infidels. In the 21 st Century, the Muslims called the Christian Infidels. Then who are the Real Infidels?. In my opinion Infidels are those who kill innocent people in name of God as Killing is forbidden in all religion.

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Back on topic please.

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time for the EU driven "human rights" nonsense to be scrapped so they can be deported (sadly it seems these two were born in the UK).

Deported? Where to?? As you yourself say, they were British-born.

You think the UK should set up its own Guantanamo?

The last thing any civilised country should want to cut now is its human rights laws.

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Anyone preaching that non-believers should be killed need to be arrested and locked away in a deep dark hole somewhere... and forgotten about if a British citizen, if not, then deported.

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Apply the Rule of Law above the human rights laws. If a nexus can be shown between the preacher and the two radicalized Muslims who carried out the act, the preacher to be charged for incitement and/ or abetment and to receive the same punishment if convicted. The preacher can preach no more, except to the four deaf walls. Apply the Rule Of Law where Disposition of Justice would be fair to the satisfaction of all.

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The British, as a people, have over centuries of social-political evolution come to live as they do. That's exactly what the radical-Islamists want them to forfeit, wrapped in fear and hatred. The British aren't going to be fooled into abandoning what it is they are.

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Governments are naive not to think that if they are responsible for killing innocent children in drone strikes that this may possibly trigger some resentment. What goes around comes around. Once they round up some hateful preacher then they need to start rounding up right winged extremists in UK who already are attacking mosques.

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l find it interesting that there has not been the usual knee jerk carpet biting vitriol about this barbaric and disgusting event just genuine shock and sadness and a slow understated anger starting to swell up . I would not be suprised if at last we decided to start taking a much more robust and hands on approach to fundamentalism .

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If a couple of white guys had gone to a church where they advocate the killing of black people, and if these guys killed black people, would the church be allow it to continue? What should it be different if it's calling for the death of "infidels"?

time for the EU driven "human rights" nonsense to be scrapped

Not the best choice of words.... You can keep human rights without letting religion use loopholes to hurt others.

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