British parties squabble over fall-out from Scottish vote


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Let's watch the backtracking, exceptions, newfound conditionalities and goalpost shifting as Dave and Ed play good cop, bad cop with Scotland.

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Simply not good enough. I am glad that the union will stay together but it is so very depressing that the politicians south of the border are already trying to water down the promises they made.

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Any change to the existing structure of the UK needs to be put to the whole of the UK (who were never consulted before the referendum.)

If Scottish voters deluded themselves into believing that UK politicians would keep their promises, regardless of what the wider UK public feels, then more fool them. Numerous UK politicians, as well as elements of the Scottish press, pointed out there was no guarantee.

Residents of England/Wales/NI have a right to have their constitutional issues aired the same as the Scots do. The west lothian question needs to be resolved and greater devolution to ALL regions of the UK, not just Scotland.

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Is anyone genuinely surprised by this?

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And why should MPs from the affluent Home Counties be able to vote to cut child benefit in Greater Manchester or Cleveland?

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Is anyone genuinely surprised by this?

Precisely their cup of tea?

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