British PM May charts collision course with Brexiteers over immigration


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May charts collision course with Brexiteers

That'll be a first (in office)

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The Tory cannibals could be feeling peckish already.

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If you parse it all down to the basics it has nothing to do with whether or not a points system works (and in my opinion they work well). The EU have told the UK that unless there is a free movement of labour then all deals are off the table. Japan has also said that if the freedom of movement stops then Japanese businesses - which employ 140,000 people in the UK, may re-register in the EU. Also, unless a deal is done otherwise, Japanese cars produced in the UK will not be able to be sold so easily in the EU due to the 'country of origin' regulations.

So Theresa May is just being pragmatic. The points system is a red herring. The EU hold all the aces on this one.

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Spot on. The whole Leave argument was a lie, or at best a promise that nobody could ever deliver. There are no good outcomes for the UK from this point unfortunately.

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PM May knows full well that there aren't enough young people working in the catering/hospitality industries here. Take away the migrants and the young native English won't fill the gaps. I'm currently in the UK so I see it firsthand......

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"May said..such systems were difficult to manage."

And yet Canada, Australia and other countries are managing their points systems with great success.

It's odd and very rare for a government not to have control of its immigration. The challenge is for Britain to become more like a normal country, like the 2 aforementioned ones, plus the US, Japan, etc.

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Just an aside. May also refused to clarify if there will be the extra £100,000,000 a week for the NHS the Brexit crowd were shouting about.

Ah, well. She was in the stay camp so I suppose it's not her problem?

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"so I suppose it's not her problem"

Why would it be a "problem"? It's a matter of budget allocation. Can anyone see any reason why the Cabinet of a sovereign nation CAN'T make that allocation if it wanted to?

I believe this was a suggestion written on Boris's bus, that the money the UK sends to Brussels (a net outflow) be spent at home on healthcare instead.

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The UK had a points based system which was scrapped 6 years ago as it didn't work. People who had enough points were getting visas but then 23% of them were taking unskilled work, defeating the object of the whole process. I can see a narrow points based system for EU citizens only, and continuing with the current, bloody difficult to get, visa system for everyone else.

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