British PM warns of catastrophe if lawmakers don't back Brexit deal


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British Prime Minister Theresa May has warned lawmakers that failure to back her plan to leave the European Union would be catastrophic for Britain, in a plea for support two days ahead of a vote in parliament that she is expected to lose.

Taken right out of the playbook of General Bonespurs! And failing as a leader too! Ha ha!

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A catastrophe all of May's cabinet and government own making.

It is scarcely believable that such hapless incompetence could ever get near the levers of power.

Gormless ineptitude, It outrageous that May continue to furiously polish her turd of a deal, whilst clearly remaining to all n sundry a fetid pile of poop.

Really couldn't make this up, even if May's 585 pages of treachery and deception miraculously negotiates a passage through the commons, there isn't time available to pass the legislation 29th March UK date for leaving the Union.

Now, if not incompetence then shameless duplicity from a fraudulent administration.

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It is scarcely believable that such hapless incompetence could ever get near the levers of power.


It was either May or Corbyn at the last election. The dilemma from hell.

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Well if Brexit doesn't go ahead, the current Government will fall, as they have ruined the Country by sinking it's main source of income (City of London) into the Thames, and literally showing the door to overseas investors. Do you think the Europeans will help the UK rebuild if they decide to rejoin ? Nein! Non! No! Furthermore, rejoining would effectively mean that there would be no more need of a UK Parliament.... it wouldn't make much difference as they've shown themselves up to being completely incompetent anyway. Perhaps it's time for a modern day Guy Fawkes ?

As for the May plan... it's terrible. The Ulster Unionists are correct there. And it's quite literally the fault of those South of their border for insisting upon such measures be written into the agreement. In response, the UK Parliamentarians have decided to subvert Government and put in place legislation that will allow a cross-party "elected" body to make the decisions going forward.... (wow! is that Democracy ?) and more than likely try to push for an extension of the Brexit pain for a few more months/years until either they figure out it's too late to do anything, or Europe itself implodes so becomes no worse off than they are.

It seems that the simplest option is actually the best, the UK needs to do hard exit from Europe. Deals at this stage just complicate matters as can be seen by the current situation within the UK's own Parliament. After such an exit, the Government needs to resign, holding a general election thereafter. Labor if voted in, wont be able to suddenly rejoin Europe, but whichever Party takes the helm will be clearly faced with a time of hardship for the UK and will require Strong, Honorable, and Assertive Leadership... something lacking in all the Parties at Present.

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Hi JonathanJo, Yes quite, death by strangulation, or death by drowning.

Worse of all is there is no candidate that possesses a brain cell of acumen to step up and take control .

If its a straight choice between May's deal and retaining EU membership, If I had a vote, I would opt to for the latter through gritted teeth. At least have a seat at the table.

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May's deal is no good because of all the "red lines" she set before starting negotiations. If she wasn't so stubborn and pig-headed she would have been able to come up with a much better deal. Rejection of her deal is the first step towards this and is certainly not the "catastrophe" she claims.

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Let the UK revert to trading without EU interference as the US, Japan,Russia etc do.It is hardly the end of the world....:::

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