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British police face struggle to clean up sexist culture after scandals

By Michael Holden

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I'm not sure if you have seen Life on Mars, Luddite, but the UK police don't seem to have moved on since the "sexist" portrayal of coppers in the seventies. It's not just a few bad apples in the police, they are untouchable. They more or less investigative themselves. And most of them are part of a secret society that reaches into the absolute corridors of British power....

Now that protests are more or less banned the UK - my birthplace - is slipping into a hard right police state.

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Do dismiss institutional misogyny and the enabling of their own as sex offenders as ‘sexism’ shows the media is part of the problem too.

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What source are you using?


It seems to have risen from what I've read. Austerity from the Tories government got rid of a lot of their manpower I'm guessing this hasn't helped.

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It's not just the raping and murdering by policemen its all the rampant corruption in this all powerful police monopoly that we can all trust to investigate itself. Nearly every single member of the force is a Freemason.

It needs breaking up and the power dividing like in France or Spain.

Until there are heavy consequences for not only those that get caught - but those that cover up the criminal behaviour of their colleagues - public faith will never be restored.

Look at the Hillsborough disaster ffs.

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The UK crime rate has decreased.

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British police commit some of the highest criminal acts in the line of duty in the world.

With crime skyrocketing overall in the UK, this is not a place to visit if you're looking for a safe trip.

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So much for the famous British proper etiquette and propriety.

Do some reading how King George's Redcoats habitually mistreated colonial Americans. Very little changes.

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Law enforcement in the United Kingdom and Policing, protecting and serving the public at the very least appears to be in disarray.

Police forces, as crime fighting organisations, the manner to coordinate and tackle crime fighting is fundamentally failing the very public and communities every police officer takes an oath to protect.

The police response to burglary, robbery and other acquisitive crime – Finding time for crime


Lancashire Police handling of Nicola Bulley's disappearance, the decision making process to release sensitive personal information is a case in question.

Lancashire Constabulary consistently fails to explain why it took 23 days for Ms Bulley’s body to be found.

Unless there is a fundamental change in the attitude the institution that once held the public's respect and confidence, then anarchy will prevail with the public taking the law into there own hands.

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So much for the famous British proper etiquette and propriety.

That is long gone, moonbloom. The police are just another symptom of the decay of once-proud country increasingly run by self-serving and shameless idiots at all levels.

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The London Metropolitan Police should be disbanded and replaced with new units.

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So much for the famous British proper etiquette and propriety.

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