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British teen slain by polar bear in Norway Arctic


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This is really sad, especially for the child's parents and friends. But I think the polar bears, losing their natural environment and their normal food sources, are getting hungrier. And someone higher up in the camp organization should have realized that. In this case, if every person couldn't be armed, they probably shouldn't have been out there.

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The BBC is quoting Lars Erik Alfheim, vice-governor of Svalbard; polar bears were common in the area, adding that they are "extremely dangerous" and can "attack without any notice".

So what bright spark thought it would be a good idea to take a group of kids there? And did the parents of the kids who were paying out 2 to 3 thousand pounds in trip fees realise that they were spending that money to send their children into danger?

So now a young man has been killed, two have been seriously injured, the rest of the group are probably traumatised into shock and a member of a vulnerable species has been shot dead, all because someone thought it would be a good idea to march a group of kids into a dangerous area for kicks.

Unspeakable irresponsibility.

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