British woman killed, man hurt in stabbings in Australia


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"Mental illness" no dobt.

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What did they say he yelled? Not namhyohorengekyo? Shalom? Jesus is Lord.

Allahu Akbar? Wow, that was right out of left field...

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Yeah, I mean, who would have guessed?

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The Dept Com. of Queensland Police said immediately that "this is not about race or religion."

How can he rule out a potential motive before the investigation has even begun?

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Talko666, funny that, eh. Same happened with the train attacker in austria recently, etc. wait for the now standard "mental illness" explanation - if indeed this incident doesnt dissapear from the news quickly.

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How can he rule out a potential motive before the investigation has even begun?

he was probably told to say that by higher up to try and contain the situation from escalating further.

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Actually it is a case of mental illness; anyone willing to be a member of this Bronze Age death cult must have at least a few screws loose.

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Welcome aboard the Conjecture Express! Don't forget your DNA results.

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Nothing to see here; Move along, move along.

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So, he was a "29-year old Frenchman"? What does "Frenchman" mean these days? Does that mean he is a great grandson of Charles De Gaulle? A favorite nephew of Brigitte Bardot? Are there some details missing here? Yes, probably, but that's to protect the rights of the accused. Vive la diversité!

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Frenchman only meant he was of French nationality.... Gotta get more info before I can really comment on this situation.

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Time to be calm and not point fingers. Deus lo vult.

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Clearly a workplace incident. Or a mental issue. Or a knife control problem. Whatever it takes to find an excuse! The media & politician meme is firm and reliable.

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As a Christian I would never shout Praise to God before stabbing or shooting someone. I wonder why Muslims do it ? Not religion? It must be mental illness.

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