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Bush approves military execution; first president to do so since 1957


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on his busy schedule he found time to do that?

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He's had lots of practice.

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He's got to keep the few remaining supporters hanging on with summat.

I good snuffing always brings 'em out.

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Did he mock Pvt Gray like he did Karla Faye Tucker?

For a compassionate conservative Bush sure gets serious about killing people through the death penalty, war, Katrina, poverty, etc. as long as he does not dirty his hands actually helping people.

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Man, he really went on a crime spree that took human life.

Gosh, how do you defend a individual.

Lock him uip for life, no parole. < :-)

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Isn't Bush a Christian? One of the ten commandments is do not kill.

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Isn't Bush a Christian? One of the ten commandments is do not kill

The 'religious right' has always been for the death penalty. They obviously read nothing but the Old Testament.... an eye for an eye...

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Well there will be one less animal on the planet soon, I would have given this my blessing too. Animal, scum, waste of space

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Bush will have thought long and hard about this decision.

He is a very thoughtfull and humane man, this decision must have been so hard, especially for a man of his high intelligence.

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A tough one for the libs. Of course they're against Bush's approval of an execution, but it's the execution of a member of the United States military. What a quandary.

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