Bush says N Korea must verify denuclearization


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My hope is that the axis of evil list no longer exists.

It never did.

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My hope is to see a video clip of the Bush attempting to enunciate the word "de-nuclearization".

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Well done Bush. Telling those darm communists how to behave. North Korea and China better take note of Bush and change quickly. He speaks for the rest of the free world.

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bush says N Korea must verify denuclearization

bush did not say "denuclearization." Not on the first try, at least.


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NK will become 'responsible' nation on 11th of August the earliest or latest by early Jan.09

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The only country thats iresponsible is the one making threats with war, and invasion or else.

And sarge he dosent speek for me or the other 87%. besides you and your 16 SN's how many people still support this @ss.

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DXXJP; Which country is threatening with war and invasion, North Korea?

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"poverty-wracked North Korea"

Whose fault is that? The nation "making threats with war, and invasion or else" - The United States of America, of course! Why, if the U.S., instead of supporting that corrupt Lee government in Seoul and insisting that North Korea dismantle their peaceful nuclear energy program, supported the Dear Leader Kim Jong Il and shipped that heavy oil, North Korea would be doing just fine and dandy, right DXXJP?

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YEah sarge like Iraq and Afganistan, yet pakistan and isreal are full of terrorist yet hold the keys to a few bombs. So how do you explain diplomacy with NK and invasions for Iraq, Afganistan, oh and threats to Iran.

Hurry up and get a new SN im waiting for your lame reply

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Bush is doing the right the thing. Making sure his Presidency end s up as a job well done.

Bush gives it to N Korea straight. He keeps them in line.

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I agree with Sarge.

DXXJP, you come across more like a spoiled child than a reasonable adult. I await your next outburst over Bush or grape juice, whichever comes first.

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Whether or not North Korea "falls in line" in terms of denuclearization, it will never have any measure of prosperity under its current government. The only one with prosperity in a Stalinist government is Stalin.

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So you think that invading Iraq over a pack of lies and almost zero WMD is ok yet Kim Ill can not only test fire long range missiles that could strike the US, increase nuclear material production, test a nuclear device, and make demands on the 6 nations is oki doki.

Where do you and sarge get your morals. How can one be completely different from the other. What sanctions?, the world sanctioned Iraq as well as NK yet Iraq was the only one invaded. IAEA? They went into Iraq what did they find? what did the UN find. So whens the last time NK freely let any of those to just trip threw and do a search.

And now the US is threatening, sanctioning, and war drumming with Iran.


Yeah I guess I must have spilled some milk

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Is anybody really listening to anything that Bush says, aside from a few you here that is?

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"Bush says N Korea must verify denuclearization." I hope he uses the same verifying a negative principle when dealing with Iran, better than he did with Iraq!

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