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California adopts bill ensuring equal pay for women


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is she only entitled to the $15,000,000 salary that Philip Rivers gets or must she also be paid the same $4,500,000 signing bonus.

That's what I don't get about Liberals/Progressives. It's okay for the Obama to underpay women (or overpay men) in his administration but somehow the Left thinks it is easy for every business to pay all employees more than they contribute to their businesses. So why isn't Obama paying all women that work for him the same $400,000 a year that he earns? Isn't that sexist? Are they not important? And why doesn't the San Diego Chargers pay their secretaries the same living wage as Philip Rivers? Why is the Justice Department ignoring this scandal. Seriously, how can the Left tolerate this injustice?

“Sixty-six years after passage of the California Equal Pay Act, many women still earn less money than men doing the same or similar work,”

I just hope this law has real teeth and guarantees every working person the same $4.5 million living wage as some privileged men are making in California today. Come on Governor Brown, Californian's will not tolerate another 66 years of short-changing the average working women. Women are just as capable as men. It is plainly obvious that the 49er's need a new quarterback - is there not one woman in America or in the misogynist state of California that couldn't be hired for this job? It's time that Californians enforce a law that guarantees real equality between the sexes. They can start with an affirmative action hire in San Francisco.

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Women making less than men for the same work has been debunked so many times, but politicians and actors keep repeating the same thing over and over.

But truth has rarely been a part of politics or public opinion.

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Men and women have equal pay in Japan- around 800 to 900 yen an hour.

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Professionals negotiate personal salaries, and the locker room custodians in San Diego earn equal pay. It is "All about me" and "How can I get re-elected?"

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Jerry Brown for President!!

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What a load of nonsense. There is zero evidence of the claim also backed by logic. No one is going to arbitrarily pay a larger salary if someone else is there working for less. So for this claim to be true, then there should be millions of unemployed men, their jobs taken by women, for less money but fully employed. Since there are not waves of fired men, in favor of women for less money, then the claim is not true. And no, sorry this flat out insane claim that evil greedy corporations bent on profit at the cost of employees all of a sudden change when it comes to men and start over paying, this just doesnt make sense.

And again, sorry but the evidence of Jennifer Lawrence making 30 million being less than Robert Downey Jr, and this is because she is a woman? Again, a ridiculous argument. Someone making 30 million is not suffering from discriminating.

What will happen is women will find it harder to get hired. The reason is, since there is no actual gender pay gap, women are in fact paid to their skill, there is no actual way to prove you are not guilty of the crime. This is guilt before innocence. The law makes all employers guilty of this crime and now they must prove innocence, only you cant prove you are not doing something, worse, how can anyone prove they are NOT doing something which doesn't exist at all. So to avoid the government red tape, the threat of being attacked by government over this non-existent issue and to avoid the threat of any woman making a false claim, employers will find it less risky to just not hire women at all.

Good job left wingers, way to reverse the last few decades of women's rights. Women, already outnumber men in the workforce, in college and in the population but this type of law will reverse the first two.

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I presume that this 'epidemic' is no less than discrimination against women.

It's going to take more than just passing this bill to help women.

Women getting paid differently than a man, is not right IF she does the same work as a man.

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"Women tend to be less greedy then men" REALLY?

Really. Your own link backs up the statement. It says women take lesser pay jobs because they like the work and job conditions. They make the trade-off and sacrifice money, of their own choosing.

Your problem seems to be that you cannot separate the minority of vocal women always screaming about victimhood, and the majority of women who aren't.

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Your words..... Women are single mothers and willing to settle for whatever is asked of them.

@MarkG Not my words. Not all women are single mothers. More women than men however are single parents.

Women tend to be less greedy than men. Moreover, women tend to take fewer risks.

your opinion on women is a bit demoralizing.

My words may be demoralizing, but I feel they are true nonetheless. When pretty lies succeed I believe its more luck than skill. My words explain why women get paid less, and they explain why women should be paid equally. And thus they put us on the path to correcting the situation.

The fact of capitalism is that those ruled by the profit motive (those who tend to be in charge) will pay the lowest wage to each replaceable employee they feel they can get away with. In such a system, the loyalty of women tends to get abused. We can, and should act on current legislation to curb that nasty short-sighted tendency of capitalism.

And lest one of those pinko hunters start getting the wrong idea (and they usually do), I just suggested making adjustments to capitalism, not throwing it out.

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More to it smith....competence. If someone can do a job, hire them. If someone does that same job better, reward them. Ugly-beautiful, physically fit-obese, man-woman, 25 yo-60 yo, tall-short, outgoing-reserved..... Ask waiters and waitresses who makes more in tips. Legislation! My arse!!

And Hollywood drives this! Does an actor deserve 1000+ times more salary than an electrician?

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Wage gap is still a total myth. If women were doing totally equal work to men yet only cost 84% as much, you would see companies and industries going out of their way to replace men with women. To believe otherwise you'd have to engage in double think, considering that globalization has led to industries relocating to China to save on labor costs. AND, even if companies and industries WERE replacing men with women - then it's a self correcting problem. In order to compete with women, men would have to start accepting lower wages and salaries.

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^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Common sense written above.

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The real reasons why some women earn less than men is because of their values, job perception, confidence, and negotiating skills. The common reason is that men and women appear to take different paths in employment preference therefore the gap in earning is explained by choices. But as a women I know there are some jobs where you can get paid more than a man.

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Peace Out, your opinion on women is a bit demoralizing. Loyalty is an attribute though. But loyalty in the workforce is long gone by both sides.

Your words..... Women are single mothers and willing to settle for whatever is asked of them.

Legislation does not work. Proof!

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Peace out,

"Women tend to be less greedy then men" REALLY?

All credible studies show that women and men are paid the same within around 7%, and studies also show that men are more likely to negotiate a higher salary... to the tune of about 7%.

Recent studies show that women are making more than their male counterparts in the younger generation.

Yet women continue to complain they need more, and are treated wrong. Maddox already made a video, complete with references, and probably conveys the message far better than I can, so have a look: http://thebestpageintheuniverse.net/c.cgi?u=hire_women

GIVE ME MORE MONEY!!! I want to keep the days off for my period, maternity leave, and the ability to use my gender to get men to do things like move heavy stuff and help out when I need it at work, BUT I NEED MORE!!

That is the definition of greed.

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So if my daughter starts up a women's football league in San Diego and makes herself the quarterback, is she only entitled to the $15,000,000 salary that Philip Rivers gets or must she also be paid the same $4,500,000 signing bonus.

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Generally speaking:

Women-- more loyal to the company (as per your own words)

Women-- more likely to be raising members of the future workforce all by herself

Women-- more likely to do the dull but important work even if no brownie points will be scored.

They say the squeaky wheel gets the grease. But I know that the cart will roll smoother if you grease all the wheels equally.

What surprises me is the claim that even after prior legislation ensuring equal pay that its felt more legislation is necessary. Perhaps what is needed is not more legislation but more action upon legislation that already exists?

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This law is absolutely unnecessary and just another attempt by liberals to rally the "female vote." Equal pay for equal work exists for the $100,000/year garbage collector in San Francisco, the teacher in every school district, the vendor climbing the stairs multiple times at a MLB or NFL game, and the person who works at the local convenie at 2:00 AM in a very dangerous part of a city. It is a "feel good" law that is not necessary. If there are salary people at a major IT company in California who feel they are not receiving equal pay, there are two solutions: 1. negotiate or 2. find a new job. The clerks and secretaries in the company have equal pay.

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If they do the same job, they should get the same pay. Period. Forget the misogynists like MarkG on this thread. On the other hand, I don't agree with affirmative action hiring practices for anyone, women or not. If thy CAN'T do the job, they should not be hired, be it due to age or whatever.

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Generally speaking:

Men- more aggressive, likely to ask for a raise and more likely to find another employer= more money.

Men- don't take months or years off work raising children= greater advancement.

Women- have that time of the month which may or may not hinder workflow.

An equally effective employee deserves equall pay regardless of gender, race, or personality! Agressive men tend to make more money than timid men. Legislating salaries is not going to be the answer. It's simmilar to unionization. When an effective worker is not motivated to work hard and slouches skate by making the same wage. Demotivating!

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