California couple waterboarded 10 kids, authorities say


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Well, the parents are right at home in Trump's America with the waterboarding at least. If they'd used guns instead of crossbows they'd be protected there, too.

Hopefully, since it's California, though, some common sense will prevail and these parents will be locked up forever.

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Sad story, but at least the kids are safe now... CBC Canada site has photos of the 'parents'.

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There you go, I knew it wouldn’t take long, blame it on Bush, Chaney & now Trump.

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Waterboarding has to be one of the cruellist forms of torture.

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Sad story, but at least the kids are safe now...

I wish I could believe that. These kids have had it awful, and they are safer. I wouldn't go so far as saying safe, though. The foster care system is perilous and filled with horror stories. They will have to be luckier than they have been so far. They may well be split up from each other. Honestly, there is no happy ending here.

Removing abusive parents from the picture is just one step. They are still kids who will probably not get the love, care and attention they need. I just wish people would stop thinking that the story ends happily when the state takes over. It often gets worse.

Wish I had a solution, but there is nothing to feel good about here.

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commanteer, I obviously meant that the kids are safe from their parents... Nobody suggested that it would be a fairytale life from now on. The CBC article mentions that they have a maternal grandmother, so it is unlikely that they will go into the foster care system, or be separated. There is something to feel good about here, their evil 'parents' have been arrested!

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shot at with crossbows and had scalding water poured over them by their mother and her partner,

Partner implies unmarried, yet...

Rogers and her husband Jonathan Allen, 29, 

So which is it? And how did they have that many kids in their house? What were the ages of the kids?

If they were adopted or fostered, the state definitely has a responsibility to be involved in the process and from what it sounds like it has been going on for quite a while.

For once, give a full story PLEASE!

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@Yubaru - I guess they say partner to remove any idea that this piece of trash was anything close to resembling a father to the children before confirming he is actually married to her... another piece of trash.

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The pictures of the parents and also of the condition of the house they were living in say it all.  So many weirdos in the world.

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Once these 10 kids have been taken into care, not only is it going to take a lot of care looking after these kids, they are going to need hospital treatment, education, physiotherapy, to get over this major trauma, It would not surprise my if these grow up with anger management issues, and the inability to have stable relationships, hopefully with physiotherapy they can sort out these problems, as for the (so called) parents, some people would say that they need trying to a wooden post at dawn.

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Home-schooling should be banned, unless there are no schools within 30 miles of home.

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Parents should have same things happen to then one by one for each child they abused to start then be out into the general prison population for a few years to teach them manners

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I'm guessing that the parents probably came from a background of abuse themselves and so the tragic cycle continues.

Not to mention the example their Govt has given them, that it's acceptable to engage in torture.

Sad country.

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Clearly, kids these days are too soft. If it is good enough to be used on Guantanamo prisoners, it should be good enough for children.

I'm thanking Cheney for water-boarding. I'd never heard of it before he "ok'd" the use.

How we treat our enemies matters.

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Not to mention the example their Govt has given them, that it's acceptable to engage in torture.

Sad country.

Sad indeed.

Some US film critics have problems with Lars von Triers contribution to the Cannes Film festival.

No Trump clown comments however at the thread ' Von Trier targets #MeToo in shocking serial killer film' :)

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