California governor says mask mandate to end after June 15


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Great, should have taken that action a long time ago, but It’s still not going to save the governor.

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Bass is going to be wrong again. Support for Gov Newsom's recall is about 36% and hasn't increased while opposition to the recall has increased to about 50%. Mr. Trumps preferred candidate has about 3% support in polling. The other two Republicans in the contest, one of whom Mr. Newsom drubbed in the last election, both have support of about 20% of the electorate. Mr. Newsom has about a 52% approval rating right now, up from just a month ago. Recalls in California at least usually fail. The same people trying to recall Gov. Newsom tried to recall State Senator Richard Pan, a pediatrician, on two occasions for his advocacy of vaccinations and authorship of bills that greatly reduced the ability of parents to avoid vaccinating their children. Both recall efforts failed. Californians also remember what happened the last time a governor was recalled. I don't think the state will recall Gov. Newsom.

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Bass is correct. Tortoise, don’t tell me you buy those polls. Businesses tortured, kids locked down, Asians scared to go out, and residents tired of “what’s good for thee, but not for me” politicians. California is a mess.

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Bass is correct. Tortoise, don’t tell me you buy those polls.

Do you have alternatives? Or is your view based entirely on your feelings?

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