California murder suspect raises unprecedented $35 mil bail via friends


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I bet She had nothing to do with it

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I agree with Ron.

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If she were to go on the run, then those who offered her the bail, would more than likely have the resources to track her down where-ever she heads to, especially China. The case becomes more interesting now... perhaps, will even end up becoming a movie!

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What will happen next...I am curious.

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Hope she rots in prison.

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Regardless of how much bail is posted, it doesn't change the fact that she indirectly had a hand in killing a person. For that alone she needs to be punished. There shouldn't be a price tag for getting away with murder. What would have happened to her if she committed a similar crime in China?

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I feel sorry for the kids. The fact the mommy may have had daddy killed will undoubtedly screw up their lives in pretty much every way imaginable. Why couldn't she just have divorced the guy?

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DA is trying to build the case with captured two murders case. Needs concrete evidences such as eye witness who says she was where her husbands's body was found or sew she was killing. Where was she when he was killed ? With her children?

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What's in it for the people putting up the $35 mil? Is there a deal for them to get a return on their investment if she flees?

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DA wanted money. He is not looking for murder weapons. No. Autopsy yet.

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