Cameron criticized for saying Britain is Christian country


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....but it is safe to say the same people would have no problem in calling Indonesia a "muslim country", although it has significant Hindu and Christian populations and does not have Sharia in its constitution. I would hope for some consistency in the use of such terms.

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The history, culture, architecture, literature, language, customs, thinking and subconscious reactions of the majority reflect thousands of years of Christianity, for better or for worse. In that sense it is true.

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but it is safe to say the same people would have no problem in calling Indonesia a "muslim country",

Ironically though, Indonesia doesn't have a state religion, laws that require the Head of State to belong to that religion or promote high religious officials to their upper house of parliament unlike "non-Christian UK"

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The UK is justifiably proud of its secular stance on politics. David Cameron is playing with fire if he thinks the largely non religious/multifaith population will stand for the promotion of any faith over another.

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I find it ironic how the US does not have an official religion, yet our politicians mention God in work way too many times and are much more religious while the Brits are neutral with religion despite having a state religion: Church of England.

Nevertheless, Cameron is a moron.

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