Cameron says Thatcher made Britain great; others snub her


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Like her, or hate her.....may she rest in peace!

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The Rolls Royce automobile was state owned back in 1970s, if I remember correct! Just like 'Volga' 'Gaz' these Russian automobile brands were owned by the Soviet government back then!

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The royals should not attend. Then again, let's not kid ourselves about them remaining politically impartial.

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Ding Dong

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She should not have a state - or ceremonial - funeral. Not at all. No politician should really, but especially not Thatcher. A ceremonial funeral paid for by the state should be for someone who unites the people, and means something to the whole nation. Winston Churchill - for all his many faults - was the man who upheld Britain's resistance in the Second World War, and thus unites the country in that aspect. Even the Queen Mother and Princess Diana were royals, and thus national figureheads.

Thatcher did not unite our country behind her. She divided Britain more than any Prime Minister before or since: between those who loved her and hated her; between North and South; between the haves and the have-nots. For the government to lavish this state praise on her in our name is to insult the scores of people who have great cause to hate her memory. A riot, or disturbance, of some kind is inevitable, and if the government don't want such undignified scenes at her funeral, they should have let her have a private funeral at a chapel in Grantham.

The state lavishing this money on her funeral - while slashing even the pittance that remains of this country's welfare and social infrastructure on the farcical grounds of "savings" - is a pure insult to the millions of people her policies left on the rubbish heap.

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