Canada's opposition calls for tougher China stance

By Sebastien St-Jean

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Every country gets pushed around by other countries. Canada hasn't done anything wrong. I think it was Trump tweeting policy from the toilet which made this situation an issue at all for Canada.

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PC are no better than Liberal party, PC suck up to US government, time to vote in Green party.

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Embracing mainland China has had devastating effects on Canada: from the fentanyol crisis, to the least affordable housing in the world, to turning Vancouver into a global money laundering hub, not to mention Huawei's relentless hacking of Nortel, which led to the collapse of what was once Canada's greatest tech/business success.

there's more. It's a long list. Canada should have given the country the cold shoulder long ago.

The symbolism of Meng's ownership of two big but empty mansions in a city suffering from dire unaffordability and homelessness is not lost on us.

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there's more. It's a long list. Canada should have given the country the cold shoulder long ago.

Canada definitely needs to put the foot down on Chinese criminal activity in Canada - money laundering etc.

Giving them the cold shoulder on the other hand is not the greatest idea. The fact is, China and America have become the global super powers. With America giving Canada the cold shoulder, turning inward, and alienating the rest of the world, Canada has to consider their own position moving forward. Dismissing and or even alienating China would be disadvantageous. As such, Canada needs to learn how to work with China in a manner that benefits Canada, while respecting the fundamental principles and freedoms required by Canada. Negotiation, not alienation. That's the Canadian way.

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That's the Canadian way.

No it isn't. Canada gave the cold shoulder to Aparthied-era South African, the Soviet Union (a superpower) and Red China (a nascent superpower), policies that were anything but "disadvantageous," indeed brought fruitful and constructive results.

The rash of crises Canada is now suffering with is testimony that today's China poses a grave threat to the country, which will only grow worse with further engagement.

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