Canada's horrific knife rampage over as last suspect dies


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Parole boards have much to answer for, not only in Canada. They bear a great deal of responsibility for this particular case but I'll bet that they are never publicly questioned and held responsible, parole boards never are. Unfit for purpose really is the bottom line.

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A human bomb. Add alcohol, light fuse... 20 years of insanity and abuse for his family and others until ... "...authorities will find it hard to figure out what set off the rampage." It sounds like it was just a matter of time... and how does a 12 year old obtain Cocaine? Tragic story, and were he the only one amongst us like this...

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It isn't over, hasn't even begun.

The blame game will now start as usual.

And as Usual it will not be the community, the community leaders, the politicians that make the rules and agendas that let these 2 out free after everything they had done previously.

The blame will be fired at the police, I won't be surprised if accusations toward the police are made to say they didn't do enough to save the killers lives.

We watched a similar scenario with the April 2020 killings where it seems no one is to blame except the police.

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Well done officers.

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Although some argue that those offenders typically suffer from mental illness or substance-abuse disorders, consequences always turn out to be so unfair to victims and their families.

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First Nation leaders in Canada pushed hard for and got reduced sentencing for First Nation offenders, early parole, and that they be sent to sweat lodges instead of jail regardless of the risk some of these folks pose to their own communities.

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This would never happen in Japan. That's because criminals are never given the chance to rack up 59 convictions (!). By the time, they've hit around half a dozen, they're consigned to spending nearly the rest of their life in a jail cell, where they can do no more harm to the public.

And that's a big reason why Japan's streets are so incredibly safe.

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