Canada's Trudeau defends use of emergency powers in 'Freedom Convoy' protests

By Anna Mehler Paperny

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A government that needs to use the military against its own people is a failed government.

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In times of War, or complete Civil disorder, a strong Government needs to take control temporarily and rectify matters.

The difference between Western Democracies, and the likes of the Iran, China, Russia and North Korea, is quite simple.... this type of recourse, is temporary - whereas theirs is permanent.

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Klaus Schwab boasted that Trudeau, among others, is essentially property of the WEF, so it's not surprising that the showpony completely overstepped his powers. And he'll try it again if he can come up with the right excuse. What he did was a trial run for what the globalists want to do with dissenters. Remember, he admires China and Fidel Castro. 

But next time he'll fail and hopefully be arrested or chased out of he country.

The only thing vulgar/offensive about this is the censorship.

F@ck you moderator, you coward. You won't be spared in the backlash.

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