Canada: Airlines must ensure pilots sober in cockpit


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Shocking that it is necessary to have to tell a person in charge of the lives of hundreds of people at a time, not to come to work drunk!

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Canada: Airlines must ensure pilots sober in cockpit. One would think that this would be a common sense issue. I am sure glad that they threw that out there to clear things up.

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John Constantine, the article clearly mentions 2 incidents in the last year, and these were just the pilots that were caught. Would you rather the government sit on its hands and not be proactive?

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You'd think this was a given. And it's not just Canada Airlines or other domestic airlines, either. That said, I still remember when I used to go to a British Pub in Osaka to play darts every week and a met an Air Canada crew (the men, anyway) drinking it up. They were pretty friendly until the pilot and copilot alike, who said they had a flight in another 8 hours, got dead drunk; then they started accusing us of cheating at darts (it wasn't for money or anything, so not sure why they were angry), asked us to hook them up with Japanese girls, and the pilot actually had to run to the bathroom to puke. I said to the copilot, "There's no way you guys can fly in eight hours" (by then less), and he said they do that all the time. Freaked me out how blunt they were about it.

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Man, I knew the movie Flight with Denzel Washington was a true story....

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Just a thought, but how about a Cockpit Breathalyzer tester? Not to hard to do.

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