Canada anti-abortion rally hopes for rights rollback


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Freedom rally! Let freedom ring! Hold the line!

No? Not this time?

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This isn’t even an issue in Canada. Everyone in Canada thinks America is a right mess down there south of the border.

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Hopefully, old superstitions won't win out on this health care issue.

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TheFu; this is not "health care", it is abortion. Using euphemisms only makes your argument seem weak. It certainly isnt healthy for the baby!

Canada's laws are way too permissive. Up to 24 weeks, no restrictions at all.

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Canada's laws are way too permissive. 

Canada supports the laws. What makes you delusional enough to think Americans understand health care in relation to a first world country like Canada?

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Canada's laws are way too permissive

That's your opinion. Seems that 80% of Canadians think of abortion as "health care". I agree. I'd have no restrictions and let the mother decide with her doctor.

Other people's superstitions are fine, until they interfere with everyone's choices.

I'm not against other people offering to adopt and accept the full responsibility of that choice. They would only need to convince the mother and the father should have first crack at the adoption. If nobody steps up, she's free to end the pregnancy, even if it is "not convenient at this time."

No woman would make the decision without lots of consideration. It isn't my or your place to force a decision onto her.

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