Canada apologizes for turning away Jews fleeing Nazi Germany

By Ludovic MARIN

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What is past is past but as always, forgive but don't forget.

Therefore, a sincere apology should always be welcomed!

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A heartfelt sincere apology for misdeed should always be welcome.

To apologize is to show that the people of Canada and their elected government have evolved beyond this tragic xenophobia, and can show other countries (hint, hint) that there are better ways to treat refugees. And to remind other countries (hint, hint) that sending back refugees who are fleeing conflict, crime, poverty and starvation will lead to many needless deaths for which those countries are forever responsible.

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"We are sorry for the callousness of Canada's response," he said. "We refused to help them when we could have. We contributed to sealing the cruel fates of far too many at places like Auschwitz, Treblinka, and Belzec."

Sign of a true leader. A pity more can't apologise for their country's shameful actions in the past.

Oh, right. They'll be sneered at, of course.

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On May 15, 1939 the ocean liner MS St. Louis

One of so many ugly incidents resulting from anti-immigrant, culturist, racist actions. The US was also responsible for this, as well as other hideous cases at that time. As were so many European nations. Thank you Prime Minister for the reminder.

The US, a nation made up primarily of immigrants, needs to develop measures to more effectively deal with the immigrant crises. As do all other nations.

A start would be for all states that have sent their military forces to other nations to bring their troops back home. Let sovereign nations decide what to do with their own resources. End all forms of colonialism.

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