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Canada budget woos young voters, asks rich to pay more

By Michel COMTE

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After almost a decade of taxing and spending aimed at buying votes Canada has an extreme productivity problem and falling GDP per capita. Canadians are getting poorer, the standard of living is decreasing and the country is broken.

I suppose the one good point of the budget is the government plan to stop poor woman from having children. It should reduce child poverty rates.

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The rich have had a pretty good run of things since, well, forever. Not my county, but I don’t mind ask our rich brother and sisters to help out the less fortunate among us. I am ok with paying much more taxes myself too.

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Proxy - I have always though Canada was a pretty well-run country, but then again, I am American, so...

What is a well-run country in your opinion that Canada should emulate?

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@UChosePoorly A well run country that is in the same middle-income group as Canada that Canada should emulate is Australia. Canada used to be a richer country than Australia, but Australia has overtaken Canada, and Canada is right beside the giant dynamic US economy. It was always easy for Canada to do a lot of wrong headed things and still be dragged alone up the economic ladder by America. Yes, Canada needs social programs but socialism under the current government has been an unmitigated disaster.

Even simple economically positive government funded research grants in Canada are no longer awarded based on merit; they are awarded based on equity which gives the gold medal to the least meritorious. People with brains just hop over the border to the US and the money goes with them.

I don't think Canadians know the difference between equality and equity. They are far from the same; equality is a virtue, equity is a socialist defect.

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Thanks for your thoughtful response, Proxy. I have been to Australia a bunch, and I can see where you are coming from. I am probably not close to you on the ideological spectrum, but I would agree with you that there are no inherent reasons why Canada should be wealthier than Australia or vice versa.

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Canada should be wealthier than Australia because Canada has a big advantage being next door to the US with easy trade access and easy access to innovations.

The driving philosophy by governments of all political stripes in Canada used to be "good governance." That has gone out the window. Canada is now the land where bad ideas go to come to life. Canada is now stuck in an economic negative feedback loop. The once driving force engine of prosperity in Canada, the province of Ontario has been dragged down to the same GDP per capita as Alabama, a notorious poor state in the US.

Food bank use is at record levels, not necessarily 100% because hunger is at record levels but because a more general consensus has taken hold that everything should be "free," paid for by other people and many of those other people have either moved away or decided that if everyone else is getting free stuff, I will get free stuff too and use the food bank. Yes Canadian government needs sources of revenue, taxes, to fund public infrastructure, and the social safety net but The Pill isn't that ridiculously expensive that every woman in Canada needs tax payers to pay. IT would be fare enough for provinces who have constitutional authority over health to pay for The Pill for low income folks but woman making $100,000 do not need it.

Provincial governments until about 2 years ago provided cheap subsidized day care for low income folks who needed it and nobody ever would have cut that and tax deductions or tax credits to help other people with the cost of day care. Many grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, uncles or neighbours looked after a family member's children. Now a couple making $200,000 who do not need it, gets $10/day care but no longer get a tax credit when a grandparent watches the kids. The size of the bureaucracy to manage the free stuff for people who don't need it has exploded putting an even greater tax burden/debt burden on citizens which results in declining living standards and more demands for more free stuff that have created the economic negative feedback loop.

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It will probably surprise you to learn that undergrad university tuition for a year in Canada costs around USD$5000.

It is not expensive. There are already plenty of grants for low income students, most students in Canada do not need any loans they may have incurred to have taxpayers pay the interest on their student loans but everyone has now boarded the "everything must be free" train.

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When the wealthy feel they are paying too much in taxes, they will leave to somewhere with lower taxation. Then Canada will get ZERO taxes from them.

Additionally, they will take their corporate HQs outside Canada so any global profits which were taxed don't touch Canada.

This has happened elsewhere in the world. One of the main countries wealthy people are leaving is China with over 100,000 multi-millionaires (USD) leaving annually from under the thumb of the CCP. I hope Canada sees that you cannot take from 1 economic group and give to another for luxuries.

Being poor isn't meant to be easy. It encourages people to work smarter and harder to better their economic situation. Capitalism.

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