Canada has best reputation in world: study


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Being perceived as a safe country was the main driver of a country’s reputation.

where is (safety) Japan? No participation No Ranking (?)

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Japan might be safe if your a male but it certainly isn't safe for women due of he amount of perverts here - sexual assaults, DV... are huge issues here than many abroad are aware of.

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No surprise here. We also export the world's greatest and wittiest internet message board posters.

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Japan placed 12th.

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The countries scored high for their steady democracies, high economic output per capita, focus on active lifestyles, well developed political systems and perceived neutrality to international political upheavals.

With the world's mightiest military next door,buying 75 percent of your exports,Canada's "neutrality" is a no-brainer, as the Americans like to say.So is Canada's unconditional,knee-jerk support for Israel.

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RossBardJapan - how about Canada's knee-jerk non-support of the American war on Iraq which greatly pissed off W. and the rest of the far-right loonies?

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RossBardJapan - 160 Canadian soldiers have so far given their lives in Afghanistan. How neutral is that?

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But of course. Who else is so innocuous? :

and this song was written to commemorate the country's 100th anniversary/ expo '67.. gotta love those little Canadians :)

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The riots in Vancouver,after the local professional hockey team lost to a bunch of Canadians playing for Boston,sealed the deal?

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i'm guessing they havn't watched "trailer park boys", or maybe they have. best show to ever come out of canada

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Nonanon, RossBard - Someones Jealous! Where was the states again? Let me look down the list... RossBardJapan - the Vancouver riots where no one was killed? was that after the mass shootings in Arizona or mass shootings in Ohio? I get them mixed up these days...

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Multinational companies looking to score big in the suburban,bourgeois (read:white) US consumer market know there is no better,more accurate test market for their products than the country of Canada.The results of this survey would seem to confirm that. Keep up the good work,Canadiens.

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RossBard - so if it's good enough for a Canadian it's good enough for a Yank? Thats so sweet of you, thanks! By the way, your thinly-veiled dig at African Americans may hint at why the U.S. is so far down the list. Just terrible race relations...

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Thomas Haynes - Maybe not best show ever, but it's up there. Bubbles for P.M.!

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Thomas: You might have to argue with some die-hard Degrassi Jr. High fans, but definitely a fun show, yes.

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@hoserfella: are you sure I am not Canadian?

In my opinion, that - the 60s, 70s - was perhaps close to the best era of society in Canada (as well as in the US, coincidently). Now I think all this praise of Canada is starting to go to our heads. To me it seems that when people start believing in the hype of their own greatness is when they start to founder. But I like the votes for Trailer Park Boys. That keeps us grounded, like Red Green, or Bob and Doug Mckenzie before them. I wouldn't be so quick to blow off the US. Leonard Cohen didn't. Check the lyrics of his song, "Democracy".

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Looking at the link Yokomoc provided (thanks!) - I am a little surprised that JT decided not to mention that Japan is listed as having the most "Advanced Economy" in the world.

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Mixed bag here. I boycott Canada when possible,because of the way they slaughter seal pups,bludgeoning them in an orgy of violence.But I support their recent decision to ban Obama mentor Bill Ayers from entering their otherwise peaceful country.

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