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Canada House speaker apologizes for recognition of veteran who fought for Nazis

By Pete Schroeder

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14th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS - 1st Galician

Meaning the men were drawn from western Ukraine. This was a nazi unit and extremely loyal to Hitler. His pal Himmler took a personal interest in them.

Patches with insignia of this notorious unit can be spotted on soldiers of the contemporary UAF.

O Canada... hang your head in shame.

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The only apology acceptable for inviting a member of the Waffen SS into Parliament is resignation.

Trudeau will try to blame Harper for having a literal Nazi in Parliament and the feckless CBC will go along.

Canada is shamed by the current government almost on a daily basis. What the heck happened to voters in that country.

No excuses for this.

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Trudeau and Zelensky both stood and gave this Nazi an exuberant ovation.

Thousands of murdered Poles must be turning in their graves!

8 ( +15 / -7 )

There is irony on so many levels here.

Obviously they know this "hero" was a member of the Waffen SS because he has the telltale sign - the small black ink tattoo on the underside of the left arm - the SS blood group tattoo.

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The reality is, fascist Russia is the modern-day inheritor of the Nazis.

The fact they employ an assault unit - the Wagner Group - that is loudly and proudly Nazi says it all. Ethnic cleansing and invading neighboring nations for land also displays their Nazi credentials.

Putin reads the Hitler playbook daily.

-6 ( +10 / -16 )

I have just looked at the video footage from the Canadian parliament. Trudeau and Zelensky stand next to each other grinning, while Zelensky pumps his fists into the air, with the full house standing and applauding a member (a willing volunteer, not a conscript) of the Waffen SS - and as the article mentions not once, but twice.

Rota opened the theatrics by saying:

"We have here in the Chamber today a Ukrainian-Canadian World War II veteran who fought for Ukrainian independence against the Russian aggressors then and continues to support the troops today, at the age of 98. Mr. Yaroslav Hunka is in the gallery, and I am so proud to say he is from North Bay in my constituency of Nipissing–Timiskaming. He is a Ukrainian hero, a Canadian hero, and we thank him for his service".

At least Rota is attempting some form of apology. Trudeau has gone radio silent (and will blame someone else inevitiably).

Morally bankrupt and an insult to the memory of Canada’s sons and daughters who fought Nazism in WWII - one out of every seven Canadian soldiers killed during those fateful weeks of June 1944 were murdered after surrendering - by the Waffen SS. Beyond outrageous.

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If fighting Russians was the criteria, the Canadian MPs should visit Afghanistan and give standing ovation to the Taliban. Also, they should pay homage to their best of who fought Russians, the construction engineer bin laden.

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