Canada legal cannabis no tax windfall: report


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I am pretty sure that the CIBC Word Markets is a lot closer to the actual number. We are talking billions, not mere millions. They are forgetting that a lot of people did not use MJ because the consequences were too horrid to contemplate. Take out the prohibition and a lot of first-time users will give it a go and continue when they realize how it makes them feel. No violence like alcohol, minimal familial repercussions and so on.

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But look also at the taxes Canada will save on cops not busting MJ users or breaking up drunken brawls as more people opt for MJ over alcohol not to mention drunk driving, on the medical costs that will be avoided by prevention of many illnesses through MJ use- and we haven't even gotten around to tourist potential...

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Never mind the revenues.

Fewer consumers interacting with illegal dealers (too often happy to offer free samples of harder product) will reduce the tax burden immensely.

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Every Canadians must get stoned and to become pot-head nation.

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@Aly... are you suggesting diving stoned is less dangerous than driving drunk?

I didn't see that he was suggesting that, but I googled it anyways, and to my surprise, it may be true:

People driving while high on marijuana may be a bit safer than drivers who have consumed alcohol and less likely to have or cause a crash, reveals a new federal study.

While there isn't any statistically significant increase in the risk of a crash associated with marijuana use prior to driving, alcohol use resulting in a blood alcohol level of 0.05 or above will increase the risk of a crash seven-fold, according to the study.


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How about germinating a few seeds and putting them on the windowsill. Cut out everybody!

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