Canada let NSA spy on G20, G8 summits


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This 51st state of the US has no shame.

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we have a right-wing teaparty-light oil and gas industry government in power for the last few years, and an opposition that isn't united. So it's getting worse.

My thanks to Snowden, we'd never know what is happening with our "government" if it weren't for the leaks.

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Canada and the U.S. have long had close military and intelligence ties. Canadian personnel are on duty every day at the NSA, NORAD and other U.S. facilities. It has never mattered which party held power.

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Course they did. I'm surprised this is even news.

People get all bent out of shape about the NSA and raise up worms like Snowden to hero status. My question to those people would be .... when has the government ever done anything better than the private sector?

The NSA "surveillance" program would be having zero impact on law abiding citizens because its a very coarse and limited kind of screening. The private sector on the other hand will go through everything they can get their hands on with a fine toothed comb. For the average person companies like Google and Facebook are far more dangerous than the NSA. Yet the very same people willingly handing over all their personal information to the former will scream bloody murder because the NSA did some email screening for words like "jihad" and "infidel". I just don't get it.

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Good to hear you like being babysat. Like they`d admit that they are spying on everyone to begin with eh?

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Blame Canada!

You're not my friend, buddy.

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terrorist threat claims go into toilet now...

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Canadians will ignore this story, then will return once their names are out of the papers.

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Super lib - is it safe to post here yet? Have I done enough penance for this? Did u honestly believe allies don't spy on each other? I got more bad news. There's no Santa Claus.

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Don't take offense dude, everyone who has posted here for a while knows who Superlib is referring too. After that poster's "outrage" with America on the Snowdon Files (and about everything else American) his absence here is pretty telling now facts show his own government were sharing the same pillow at night.

Personally I agree with you and don't hesitate to criticize my home country, my host country or even the Americans - but only when I deem it justified :)

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