Canada Paramedic Daughter Rescue
Paramedic Jayme Erickson, center, who was called to a crash last week and didn't know she was trying to save her own daughter because the injuries were too severe, is comforted by her husband Sean Erickson, as she speaks to the media in Airdrie, Alberta, Tuesday, Nov. 22, 2022. (Jeff McIntosh/The Canadian Press via AP)

Canadian paramedic unknowingly treated daughter in fatal crash


A Canadian paramedic who unknowingly treated her own daughter after a fatal vehicle crash brushed away tears as she remembered a beautiful girl who fought until the end.

Jayme Erickson was called to the crash north of Calgary on Nov 15 and sat with a seriously injured girl who was was extricated from the car and taken to hospital, where she died. She was unrecognizable because of injuries.

It wasn’t until Erickson got home at the end of the day that she was met by Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers, who told her the patient was her 17-year-old daughter, Montana.

Erickson shared her grief with reporters late Tuesday, describing her daughter as a success at everything she set her mind to, an avid swimmer who had aspirations of becoming a lawyer.

“She was a fighter and she fought until the day that she died and she was beautiful. She was so beautiful. If she ever put an effort into anything she would always succeed at it,” said Erickson at an Airdrie firehall with family, paramedics, police officers and firefighters standing behind her in a show of support.

Richard Reed, a friend and flight paramedic, broke down a number of times as he recounted Erickson attending the scene where a car had lost control and was struck by an oncoming truck.

Reed said the driver was able to get out of the car but the female passenger was trapped with serious injuries. Erickson was the first person on the scene. He said Erickson knew the girl was in trouble and sat there until she was extricated and transported to hospital by air ambulance, still unaware of who it was.

“On her way back she expressed her grief and frustration to her partner, knowing that later a family would likely lose their daughter, sister and grandchild. A short time after arriving home, there was a knock on the door. It was the RCMP,” Reed said.

“On entering the room, to her horror, she found the girl that she had sat with in the back of the crumpled vehicle keeping alive, so the family could say goodbye, and due to the extent of her injuries was unrecognizable, was Jayme’s own daughter,” he added. “Jayme unknowingly was keeping her own daughter alive."

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This is the saddest story I've read for a long time.

Rest in peace to her dear daughter.

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I'm in tears. So sad. RIP.

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This is just too sad. It was destiny that she was there with her daughter until her last breath.

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We see a lot of stories of death, and frankly, I get numb about them because they happen every day. But this one is a heart shaking tragedy.

I feel terrible for both Mom and daughter. RIP, and hope there's solace for Mom.

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Probably one of the most traumatic experience of any medic.

Truly melancholic..

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World News?

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It happens. When you're in the Services, be-it Civilian or Military, there may come a time, when you are faced with the Horrors of the situation, much closer to home than you may have been prepared for.

For those in the Medical Profession, the chances of that happening are quite high, and my sympathy goes out to them.

The greatest horror, is when you have to make a life & death choice, that effects one of your own, or many others.

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Unbearable. I hope when this poor mom is ready she joins a bereavement support group. Doing so saved my life. My total sympathy and love goes out to her. You really don't think you can survive loss, but somehow you do.

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