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Canada parliament speaker resigns after tribute to Nazi veteran


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ThubanToday  07:04 am JST

Any Canadian Parliamentarian who participated in this standing ovation has exposed themselves as mindless virtue signaling fool akin to a seal at a waterpark.

They should all resign in disgrace.

Nonsense. You don't know every nazi that ever existed and neither do the representatives. You just don't want any Ukrainian honored for fighting Russia.

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This is the culmination of the Trudeau government's 8 years of failure and divisive politics and stands as a stark warning to other democracies to not elect a populist like him; a good looking frat boy not serious about good government.

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Emergency Cabinet meeting in Ottawa tonight. Could be new leadership in Canada by morning followed by an actual apology by the Canadian government.

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There are enough such fascists, recognized by the court, in the world, especially in Canada. Torchlight processions under fascist symbols take place regularly in Europe, especially in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. And, of course, in Ukraine!!!! Russia raised alarm so many times, but no one in the world noticed it. What happened now that everyone got excited????? Canada is ashamed???? Oh, I beg you, as they say in Odessa! Apparently the boss in Washington has given permission

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True dough makes an army of fools then stands in glory as their King. What a guy. He looks like a classic case of where life imitates art. A Canadian Jim Carrey starring in his own personal Doughman Show. Or perhaps the Mr Bean of Western leadership parody. This latest chapter is a classic, real actual Nazis conjured from the abyss of incompetence. He never lets you down, nor ever ceases to amaze!

Enjoy the show folks. Am starting to like the guy! Those puppy dog eyes, speaking from the heart!

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Heh, the cries of the right at the speaking of he whose name must not be spoken, Voldrudeau, ring through the night.

Notice how their posts are full of whining about the person, while not actually containing any criticism of specific policies.

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