Canadian police investigating broad China interference


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there has been a lot of infiltration by the Chinese in Canada. It's time to throw them out.

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They are Canadian citizens, so where will you throw them out too?

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I suspect the US interferes more in Canada, just by most Canadians being near the US border and watching US broadcast TV. But that's completely different sort of interference than what the CCP does around the world.

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They are Canadian citizens, so where will you throw them out too?

If they are Canadian citizens, and they are working for a foreign power against Canada they would be arrested and tried in a court of law as traitors. If they hold Chinese citizenships they should be stripped of their assets and deported back to China.


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A lot more Countries should be watching this closely. Canada is just one small part of the bigger picture of China's influence over the rest of the World. Collectively dealing with this type of "influence" may be a better Solution, than adhoc knee-jerk reactions.

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