Canada pulls out of Kyoto Protocol


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Bravo, the whole deal is just an elitist tax grab

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oh HAPPY DAY!!!!

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So, really the issue is that Canada wants to get rich off oil so they don't want to slow down their emissions. I think it is pitiful...Canada should be setting higher standards for themselves and for the world. I realize the the 2 biggest polluters were involved in the Kyoto agreement, but that doesn't mean that all the other countries should just give up. If everyone did that, we would be in a lot of trouble...oh wait, we already are! Hopefully other countries will continue to fight the good battle!

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If it weren't so obvious that Harper just wants to keep making money off the oil-sands (and Albertans HATE Ontario for reaping all the rewards of its deposits!), and if they presented an alternative that shows Canada is on the 'right path', I might give the Canadian government the benefit of the doubt on this decision. As it stands, though, it is a major shame they are backing out of their commitment, and sadly it will probably be followed by others. It must be a major stinging point for the Kyoto protocol that Japan was one of the first nations to say it won't sign on again, given that the whole deal was made up in Kyoto.

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Canada has lost her way, in a big way. I am boycotting all Canadian companies. Message to my peeps in Canada: Occupy Ottawa.

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Alberta despises Ontario, yes. But, they both love their southern neighbour whom buys all the goodness from Canada and sells it back refined so Canadians can fuel up their snowmobiles and get to the beer store on time.

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"Kent said the Durban agreement does represent a path forward."

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oils well that ends well..

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Once again China and India deflect the world's recognition of them as the (pronounced "thee" for emphasis) polluters.

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Of course, Canada is pulling out and the rest of the world is doing the same. The money being currently wasted on useless measures would be better spent on helping vulnerable communities adapt to climate change.

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Bravo Canada! Get out of the power grab scam by the corrupt UN.

The one-worlders pushing this insane scheme could not care less about climate, or cooling or whatnot. It is a political power grab and extortion scheme by an unelected, self-serving elite.

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Oh Canada, Oh Canada! I thought they were above this sort of thing.

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Don't matter very much since it ends next year and was a failure with the main polluters didn't even sign it, America, India and China.

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I love Canada. I want some mashed potatoes and maple syrup RIGHT NOW. The Kyoto Protocol was a waste of time. It symbolizes Japan's wish to command others outside it's borders.

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I agree with Zichi, the main culprits did not join the Kyoto protocol. But now we have a new scapegoat! Blame Canada :p

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Good stuff.

Let's all boycott the U.S. and China.

Let's boycott the environment as well, as it doesn't seem to be doing its part adequately in cleaning up after us.

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Means nothing !

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As with the so-called anti-war movement in Canada once Bush left office the watermelons in the eco movement up there no longer felt special and superior to the rest of the country so the pressure was off the Canuck government which, let's face it, is quite happy to sell to the ChiComs the oil Obama won't, for whatever reason (to keep us dependent on regimes that hate us is obviously one) let Americans buy and use. I doubt the true powers that be in Canada were ever that serious about Kyoto. It was just feel good posturing. Now they are clearly all about profit.

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He said that despite this cost, greenhouse emissions would continue to rise as two of the world's largest polluters - the US and China - were not covered by the Kyoto agreement.

What he [Kent] is saying is that since the US and China are not signed up why should Canada make an effort to limit its ever increasing CO2 emissions. What a lame, disappointing standpoint. Can't fight the polluters, so join them.

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Canada, joined by Japan and Russia, said last year it will not accept new Kyoto commitments, but renouncing the accord is another setback to the treaty concluded with much fanfare in 1997. No nation has formally renounced the protocol until now.

The protocol, initially adopted in Kyoto, Japan, in 1997, is aimed at fighting global warming.

Since it's now evident that man-made CO2 is not the evil that the global warming/climate change zealots "claimed" it was and that the "global" tempurature is not climbing and that the IPCC/UN have failed to prove their wild speculations, why should Canada, Japan, Russia, India, China, U.S. or any other manufacturing country want to be included in the Kyoto tax grab?

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Climate science is just a bunch of computer models preprogrammed to spew out the results the UN wants.

Ever wonder why the UN is keen on all this climate stuff, as if those elitists can't sleep at night because they're worried about the climate.

It's a tax and power grab for the UN.

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Japan can not follow the treaty, just managing to maintain the power grid. Following the treaty would mean power outages and reduced industry. The Earth is getting cooler instead of warmer, my now according to the first computer models both New York and Tokyo should be under water.

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It is time for China and India to stop making their profits at the expense of Japan, USA and Canada. The cost of items in China and India is so low comes from the freedom the companies have from environmental laws.

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Canada was nowhere near meeting its treaty obligations. I expect Japan will pull out soon as they won't make the grade either.

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A novel attempt but a dying political agreement. The worst emitters of greenhouse gases are India and China yet the treaty allows for emerging countries to be exempt from many obligations. On the other hand, we have an economically self destructing Europe, a near depression United States, and even Japan, who wanted to reduce the emissions through nuclear power has met a tremendous setback at Fukushima. Oddly enough, many of these countries must have tried to switch to nuclear power as a 'clean source" of energy but really no proactive measures were taken to make a real impact in CO2 reductions. I would not be surprised if others follow Canada's path and pull out of the treaty.

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Elbuda Mexicano - Oh Canada, Oh Canada! I thought they were above this sort of thing.

Canada realizes that the whole global warming, CO2 is evil scam simply hasn't been panned out like the UN/IPCC claimed it would. Why throw good money after bad?

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