Canada shuts down Occupy protests


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title of this article is very misleading. it is in fact true that an occupy protest in ONE CITY, London, has been shut down by police and city officials, however, Canada as a whole has not shut down all protests. There are court injunctions and orders being processed within several of the cities where protests are taking place however this has been the case in any city where protests are taking place from the very beginning of the movement. Dont lead stories with sensationalist trash headlines when the facts clearly refute this ridiculous assertion. JT get it straight! I know its an AFP article, but that's no excuse. Use better discretion.

the protests in canada are also supported by the majority of canadians as a peaceful movement, aimed at raising issues dealing with social, financial, and ethical practices of the government.

while i do support the movement, being canadian and knowing what real cold is all about, common sense will prevail here among the protesters that this has to end. local governments know this, regular people know this. So why the mad rush to get these people out when the cold is just starting to set in? In my estimation it boils down to local governments flexing their muscles so at the end of the day they can say they drove the protesters out and cleaned up the city. I would suggest taking the high road here, letting time and the elements prevail, but then again, what governments do that?

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This should have been done weeks ago. Nobody wants gangs of stinky hippies and druggies infesting public spaces at the expense of those who may want to use them.

I think many Canadians do support the general aims of the protestors, but are getting fed up with the protest itself. In Toronto, public sector unions and violent native groups are starting to appear and try to hijack the protest. Plus, to be honest, Canadians don't have much to complain about. The economy is good, unemployment is low, and the government plans to eliimnate the federal budget deficit within 3 years.

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Canada has nothing to complain about. Just stop it already. The NHL season is well into November and the Leafs are in first place. Go back to your trailers you hosers.

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I'm with J Lamoor!! Go NHL go!! Poor hoosers should try and get jobs IMHO.

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Montreal, meanwhile, denied protesters’ request to build log cabins in a city square outside the local stock exchange to weather plunging temperatures during the upcoming winter

for real? full on log cabins?

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I will have to boycott Canadia.

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Here we go again, my friends. Canada is a fascist country. Tis sad, indeed. Like the rest of his party Fontana is a complete dolt, the WORST mayor ever in Canadian history, from the get-go. Said mayor just wants to score political points. Disgusting! The Canadian government just goes on carte blanching whatever Israel does but won't let a few PEACEFUL people protest and occasionally burn stuff and look the other way when a junkie croaks it in her tent in the park. Sheesh. Anyway, the protesters WILL win in the end and the fascist government will be forced to see the trees for the forest.

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Fascist government? Give me a break. The fascists are the ones trying to run the Occupy camps as their own personal fiefdoms, restricting press access and shouting down those who disagree. There is nothing wrong with peaceful protest. There IS something wrong with taking public space and expropriating it for your group's exclusive use.

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Considering support for the occupiers in the U.S is only about 30-39% depending on what poll you use it seems like Canada likes the protesters a lot more. Maybe they could take some of ours, its a win win.

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“Anyone is free to gather in our parks during the day and evening, but we could not and would not permit people to occupy a public park indefinitely.”

A park is more important than free speech, democracy and the people increasing awareness of wealth disparity that threatens the whole western world.

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