Canada to appeal ruling quashing face veil ban


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Simply stated, Canadians don't want offensive ideology brought from areas that have been flooded in controversy. Im with Canada on this take off the veil.

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So the government is insisting that to become a Canadian citizen this Pakistani woman should remove her veil while she swears an oath of allegiance to an elderly German lady living in a palace 4000 miles away in London, who's own French moto is 'Dieu et mon droit' (God and my right)....

We can have a separate debate about the merits of immigration from religious countries but I think the Court came to the right conclusion on the narrow question on whether removing the veil was absolutely essential to taking the oath.

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But how the heck do they even know they are swearing in Zunera and not her cousin Achmed from Peshawar?

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Zvonko: If Allah didn't want woman to have a face he would not given her a face.

That applies floor-to-ceiling!

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Leave Burka in Pakistan and even better stay there and wear it. But even in most Muslim countries majority do not wear it and it is considered non religious fashion statement. It definitely isn't required by the Qur'an. If Allah didn't want woman to have a face he would not given her a face.

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Wanna live in a western country with western beliefs and values, then life as they do, leave your primitive beliefs and culture where it belongs. Live in Canada live as Canadians do.

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When in Rome, Do as the Romans!

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She chose to leave Pakistan where wearing a burka is acceptable and possibly mandatory in some regions. She chose to leave that life to a western nation where positive ID and respect of the laws are mandatory. Why should Canadians accept her culture? She left most of that in Pakistan.

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