Canada yet to decide if it will pay Harry and Meghan security costs


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If they want to earn their own income, why don't they cover their own security costs? I'm not Canadian, but if I were, I would definitely be upset about $650K of my tax dollars being spend protecting three people who are not giving back to society. I can think of so many better ways to put tax dollars to use.

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They’re big enough to pay their own way if they want to live in Canada. Meghan’s SNS and brand ambassador stuff should be fine.

Or they could get a job like the rest of us.

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I wonder how Japan does it for those who married commoners.

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The last thing Canada needs are these representatives of an anachronistic and parasitic system that should be consigned to the rubbish heap.

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Why should the Canadian taxpayer (most of whom surely have less money than the part-time royals) foot the bill?

What's in it for Canada?

Being 'financially independent' means you pay your own way, not scrounge off the taxpayer.

Harry has inheritances from the estates of his mother and his great-gran the Queen Mother totalling over ₤40 million. He can pay his own way. (Leaving aside the fact that those inheritances were funded from taxes in the first place).

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Beyond Canadia being part of the commonwealth (a hilarious entity in its own - you have the queen in your passports!), what connection do Harry and Meghan have with Canadia?

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Why should the Canadian taxpayer (most of whom surely have less money than the part-time royals) foot the bill?

The answer is right in the article:

"We obviously are always looking to make sure, as a member of the Commonwealth, we play a role," Morneau said.

According to Trudeau, Canadians are "very supportive" of having the royal couple live in Canada, but there are still "lots of discussions to have."

According to Wikipedia, a poll conducted in August 2017 found that 41% of Canadians wanted to abolish the monarchy following the death or abdication of Elizabeth II, with 43% in favour of maintaining ties. I guess Trudeau has no idea about the result of such poll.

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Luckily Meghan were not Australian. I have nothing against her but I do not think anyone should pay their security cost when they are not on royal duties.

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I think they should start a GoFundMe page. Lots of people do that do not need money.

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$650k is money better spend my on more tax scandals. How dare you take politicians money away.

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*spent on more...

Jeez, edit button, please

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Canada, right...

in the last few years, Harry became americanized, and, in a way, embraced the North American culture, unlike the rest of his family. combine that with getting married with a mixed (black) american girl. of course these two were always gonna clash with the royal family, British media and public opinion in the UK. i guess it comes down to a simple thing which is: we,re in 2020 folks. if they wanna go to Canada or whatever, let them be. but this royal thing doesn,t make sense nowadays and the Canadians should pay zero ! not even one Canadian Dollar for a prince and his spoiled wife.

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What's in it for Canada?

They get to take part in the Commonwealth Games, the most important sporting event in the world. (Or should that be - the most important sporting event in the Daily Mail.)

Hey, refuse to pay security and you can skip taking part. A double win for Canada.

(Sorry. One of those days.)

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Rumours suggest he will be appointed Governor-General. Canada pays for the security in this case.

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Meghan Markle has reportedly already signed a deal with Disney and tell all interview with Oprah. Also, Meghan is talking about the book deal with some publishers. If everything is going to happen Meghan way and then Harry and Meghan are estimated to generate revenue hitting £400m a year by commercial deals and endorsement using the Sussex Royal brand according to Andy Barr, retail expert. Meghan and Harry already have trademarked the brand name “Sussex Royal”, as well as various items. Meghan and Harry are greedy, opportunist and selfish Royal.

Why should Canadian taxpayers and the British taxpayers have to pick up their security costs while they were earning hundreds of millions of dollars annually?

Trudeau should be careful because it can be politically suicidal if the Republicans did not like it. It will be a very big headache for the Government if Australian taxpayers have to foot the bill for the Meghan and Harry security in Australia.

I'm a little bit of Monarchist. I voted for Monarchy last time, but now I have changed my mind and I'll vote for the Republic next time.

The Royals are not allowed to do business with their Royal title in other Monarchy countries. If Meghan and Harry want to earn income doing by business and then they should give up the Royal titles and pay for their own security.

Queen should be very careful about the decision on the Sussex issue.

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I wonder what the costs would be if the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were no longer the Duke and Duchess of Sussex? Harry and Megan might just be plain ol' Harry and Megan real soon.

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Regardless of titles, Harry and Meghan will always need security just has ex-presidents do. They would be vulnerable to kidnapping and holding the royal family and country to ransom. Probably that will be the greater cost and higher if they had decided to remain in the UK.

Even if they receive no public money from the queen via the public purse, the amount given to the queen will not decrease by the amount. She receives the money and decides who gets what.

She will use her own wealth to support Andrew and Charles will use his to support Harry and Meghan.

The costs will increase and not decrease.

So they will never be plain ol' Harry and Meghan whatever they decide to do.

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I am English. I moved to Canada 25 years ago. There is supposed to be a "special relationship" between England and Canada. I had to go through an immigration process, pay fees, have a medical etc. After I arrived, my professional qualifications were not recognized and still aren't, I had to take a driving test to get a license etc etc etc. (As an aside note there are special privileges for people emmigrating from France to Quebec). I don't begrudge any of this. I assume that Harry and Meghan will need to do the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The "special relationship" is a farce. What it means is that we still pledge allegiance to the Queen when becoming citizens, we have the Queen on our bank notes and we, as tax payers, pay out for the huge farce of the Governor General who is supposedly the Queen's official representative in Canada but is nothing of the sort. Meanwhile the average Canadian does not give a damn about the British Royal family one way or the other.

Unknown to few Canadians, there is a whole Canadian government department devoted purely to planning for what happens when the Queen passes and hands over the reigns. What does that cost the Canadian tax payer per year?

I don't believe that the costs of the security will be as stated. That's probably about the cost to the tax payer of 6 government employees per year. There must be so many other costs that are not included.

Let them be free, let them come here, but PLEASE Mr Trudeau don't pledge our tax dollars for this. Public spending is already wildly out of control in this country, living in Ottawa we see the local and federal government waste of tax dollars every day. I guess in reality a little bit more waste isn't going to change anything..........

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Canada yet to decide if it will pay Harry and Meghan security costs

Meghan and Harry, the former Duchess and Duke of Sussex, should pay for their own security, lodging, transportation, etc.. She has a good job. He's used to having an older woman take care of him. Once the Duchess and Duke lose their Dukedom, no Canadian, or British, taxes should be used to protect the former Duchess and Duke.

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Ungrateful, inconsidérément, greédy pair. Théy Will be earning so théy can pay théir way. Thé Queen has already tôle thém tout go to Botswana théy disobeyed. But had financed à high bill of their African trip. Théy deserve à sack without compensation

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