Canada's PM open to easing pot laws


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I'm all for making it legal but the last thing Canada needs to daddy's little boy to be running the country.

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Anyone who knows Canadian politics doesn't call Peter MacKay 'Attorney General'. He's Justice Minister. Who wrote this crap? Some dumb-a** US-ophile?

As for the issue, everyone in the country knows it's been a work in progress for the past several years and will continue as such. When the Canadian government catches up to the reality of BC Bud and its potential for tax revenues, we'll be better off than we would be selling oil and natural gas to Asia. It's a growing market, pardon the pun.

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Surprised Canada hasn't Legalized It long time, they are way ahead on the medical side and I'm sure they are aware of how many Canadians indulge. Maybe they are just waiting on a lead from across the border where hints from High places are dropping daily. The world is daily coming to realize it's a crime criminalizing people for using a natural plant which humanity has used since the beginning of time. There is a long list of environmentally beneficial uses of the plant which I'm sure readers are becoming aware of.

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One million? Yeah, as if any stoner would take a survey. It has to be way more than one million. Still, I'm surprised too, that this wasn't legalized long ago. Get it together you hosers.

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