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Canadian military officer exposed as serial killer


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gotta love canadian law. he kills and rapes and is still eligible for parole. sick.

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sourpuss:"gotta love canadian law. he kills and rapes and is still eligible for parole. sick."

The article is a little misleading, yes in theory he could be illegible for parole but new laws enacted in recent years have made that possibility for this sort of offender to be kept in jail indefinitely (though some bleeding heart groups have been trying to challenge these laws in court but thankfully have failed up to now)

The title is a little misleading seeing he was exposed months ago and this is just the final faze of this tragedy.

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is it Dexter??

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limbo, so the faint hope clause is gone? it was supposed to be repealed this fall, but is it retro-active?

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This is one sick Canadian bastard. I hope he burns in hell for ALL OF ETERNITY!

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sourpuss: "gotta love canadian law. he kills and rapes and is still eligible for parole."

Ummm... that POSSIBILITY of parole, and no sooner than 25 years. There's also the chance that parole will be denied at that time and he'll spend more time, which I hope he does. The life sentence here should be life.

Lock him up good and tight.

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He was a square-jawed Canadian Air Force officer with a brilliant future,

interesting reporting. you don't usually describe a 47 yr old as having a brilliant future.

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Some things that he did came out in some articles today:

He would often stay inside homes for up to two hours at a time, photographing underwear drawers, bedrooms, and himself naked or wearing women's lingerie.

Sometimes he would take photos of himself masturbating in his victims' homes, often wearing lingerie or with it neatly laid out around him in the photos.

Among the photos showed in court on Monday:

Williams lying on 12-year-old girl’s bed, masturbating with her underwear

Williams lying on a 15-year-old girl's bed, masturbating, holding a stuffed bear

70 photos (just those entered into evidence) of Williams licking or kissing underwear, some of which was blood-stained

Williams in pink women's underwear under dark pants and a blue shirt — an outfit that very closely resembles his military uniform.

"It's impossible to say for certain, but the colours match his regular military uniform," said lead Crown attorney Robert Morrison.

A close-up of Williams’ penis, wrapped with sex toy penis. A caption reads: “Merci boucoup” and a 24-year-old woman’s name.

Screenshots of the police reports of one of his break-ins, taken from the Ottawa police website

Williams took more than just lingerie as keepsakes, also keeping family photos and personal items of his victims

Many of Williams' victims in his underwear thefts were young, teenage girls

Crown showed a photo of Williams holding a 15-year-old girl's makeup brush to his genitals. Morrison says there was no evidence the brush was stolen, mean he likely left it behind, intending for the girl to use again.

Williams wrote a letter to a young break-in victim after stealing 86 pieces of underwear and clothing from her. In it, Williams tries to use the language of a teen boy and tells her he likes his women “more experienced.” He also tells the family to clean the bathroom. There is no evidence the letter was ever sent.

Williams' habits seemed to have escalated on July 10, 2009, when he watched a woman in a home get into the shower before removing his own clothes and breaking in through the window. He stole a pair of her underwear before slipping away unnoticed. He later recorded it all in notes.

Williams at times photographed victims' photo IDs and had a habit of recording names of his victims.

Williams broke into a home in Ottawa twice and called the girls who lived there, aged 9, 11 and 13, "mystery little girls" because he didn't know their names. There are also pictures of him on this French news site: lcn.canoe.ca Just search for "La vie secrète d’un militaire désaxé".

I'm kinda hoping that he is more successful in another suicide attempt so we can be rid of this creep. He tried once by jamming the lock of his cell and stuffing the cardboard tube of a toilet roll down his throat.

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The faint hope clause is still law in Canada. It was killed when Harper prorogued parliament last year. The second bill to kill it has passed but won't be read into law until sometime this fall (unless there is an election). But that's beside the point. If he is declared a dangerous offender, which is most certainly is, he won't be eligible for parole until his 25 year sentence is completed and he can be kept in prison indefinitely.

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...a tall, fit figure who did his job with quiet diligence and appeared to be in a stable marriage

Some really slanted connotations in that statement. What? He could not have done this if he were in a stable marriage? Everything is thrown into doubt now. What is the special reason to pick on his marriage? He might have been a more abusive pet owner than we figured too!

And people complain about Japan and underwear fetishes! Commit the name Russell Williams, Canadian, to your memories Japan bashers!

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thundercat, thanks for the update.

still, it is technically and legally POSSIBLE for him to get parole. that is sick.

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Actually, according to the CBC because he pleaded guilty to first degree murder he is not eligible for parole until he serves the 25 year sentence.

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right....but parole is still POSSIBLE. That's the problem. And that's my point.

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I'm almost certain that another inmate will 'get him' regardless of how hard they try to segregate him, before he hits 25 years.

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It seems that the prosecution is going for a dangerous offenders sentence, annalist are saying seeing he pleaded guilty why else would they be going so full out on presenting every single little detail of his actions other then to convince the judge that this maniac should never have even the slightest chance of parole!

Lets hope the judge is listening!

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