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Canadian opposition likely to trigger election


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Opposition parties also are hammering the prime minister for planning to spend $9 billion on 65 American-made F-35 Joint Strike Fighters—one of the biggest military purchases in Canadian history—plus at least $5 billion more in maintenance costs.

Speaking as a Canadian, it would be nice if Harper transformed our military into something other than a laughing stock. Our Armed Forces deserve better than what they've had over my lifetime.

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Ok, blunderbuss. I wouldn't mind some military spending, but surely there's something better we could buy that stealth bombers. Do we really need to bomb people? Helicopters are very useful in a variety of circumstances. Cheaper to buy and maintain as well.

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"Canada has outperformed other major industrialized democracies through the financial crisis, recovering all jobs lost during the recession while its banking sector remains intact. It avoided a property crash, and most economists expect 2010 growth to come in at 3 percent."

Wow, if that's all that Harper’s Conservative government can accomplish, it's no wonder Liberals and Bloc Quebecois want this government brought down. (insert sarcasm smiley here)

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not because of Harper, in spite of him.

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even the US military has scaled down its purchase of the F-35 due to cost overruns and substandard capabilities. This was not an open tender. Had it been other options were available that could perform in Arctic with twin engines and mid air refueling.

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not because of Harper, in spite of him.

I'd say in spite of Harper as well, he tried to table a bill before he has prime minister that would have banks deregulated to a more "American" style. Thankfully it didn't happen and the banks didn't need massive quasi-socialist corporate welfare bailouts. Now we have strong banks and high oil prices equating to the GDP growth, only thing lacking, a political party that isn't filled with politicians! The Liberal, NDP, conservatives and even bloc Quebecois are filled with entitled baby boomers, who seem to have the inability to raise above partisan idiocy, well they allow the fleecing of their Children's future. Harper or should I say Flaherty being the worst and in classic conservative style running massive deficits (the highest in Canadian history), increasing the size of government, well cutting taxes, a la Reaganomics.

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My understanding, is also that Canada's banks avoided US-style deregulation and that is why the skipped the boom-implosion.

Goo Jorb, I've been wondering if it's just me or if politicians in Canada are actually getting more ridiculous and partisan. I think maybe they always were, but when I was younger I just assumed they were more mature and adult.

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I think it's the generational change to those entitled to their entitlements versus those who also sold us down the river but at least tried to ensure the public trust.

Harper actually said that the Japanese earthquake is de-stabilizing to the economy so Canadians shouldn't go to the polls. (!!???) The man is a buffoon. But only as bad as the finance minister, who should probably be in jail at this point for being a repeat debt offender (sold out Ontario too when he was FM before his national disgraces)

What's worse however are the American-style attack ads and online trolls bestowing Harper like the good brown shirts they are.

It's been a trying four years. If we can get rid of the science and math failures and the hate mongers, we might have a chance.

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It was interesting that the American lingo used up here to try to thwart dialog and science didn't work out too well. The word 'elite' was used negatively over and over but laughed off. Even a national newspaper tried to sway the public to think down on people but that didn't work either.

People like elites because that usually means you have an education (engineer, doctor, lawyer etc) and are actually qualified to do something. (In high contrast to the idiots elected into office). This irony was lost on the attackers every time this was mentioned, and continues to be so.

Many other attempts were also non-transferable. But I think sadly the attack ads are here to stay. Watching the "media" here capitulate to the conservative gov't was quite disturbing and shows no sign of letting up. While a Faux News North has been avoided thanks to a recent ruling, the pressure is still there and the fewer-taxes-spend-more-stupid-people-who-have-money agenda hasn't gone away.

I doubt these people are more numerous than before, only their voices have not been stymied by reason and logic as per normal. It will be interesting if the "media" sell out the election as well given their recent mergers and acquisitions by the same like-minded interests.

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I don't know much about the politics up in Canadia.It looks like a democracy,the country seems to kind of run itself,and they react well to developments in the US.This Harper fellow is supposedly to the right,but that would be center in America,or basically a Clinton - like figure.I predict he retains power.

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