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Canadian PM dines on seal meat


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Way to go Mr. Harper.

[ in an effort to force Canada to end its annual seal hunt] -- Yes they try to force their opinions on other countries. It's so hypocritical when they accuse the USA of this but then they do the same to a North American country. This is typical of the Europeans who are ungreatful for all North Americans have done for them. I support Canada in it's sustainable seal hunt just as I do Japan's whale hunt.

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Can I order a couple of pounds into the US? < :-)

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you're mixing up the issues for your convenience. Seal meat is local and traditional of the Inuit people. Whaling as well but not practiced commercially (There is no seal or whale meat at the local store in the south).

Whaling far away at another continent though for 'research' isn't happening here either. Thus there is zero comparison to Japan. But don't let a beautiful theory get in the way of some ugly facts.

Moderator: Exactly. Readers, please stay on topic. Whaling is not relevant to this discussion.

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Whaling far away at another continent though for 'research' isn't >happening here either. Thus there is zero comparison to Japan.

Actually there is. One group of people condeming another for consuming a natural resource and trying to impose their belief system upon them. To claim there is no comparison is utter hypocrisy.

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Banning seal hunting is out of the question because the French aren't going to stop eating foie gras. Seal meat is mainly eaten by the Inuit way up north. I can't remember seeing it on a menu in Vancouver, Toronto, or Montreal. The industry is sustainable, the EU just don't like the way Canadians kill them. Unless all that time the Canadians were conducting 'research' on how to humanely kill them.

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I don't understand why, beyond allowing the Inuit to hunt seal for survival and what not, they don't drop it altogether. It's a disgusting practice, and to suggest it's 'humane' is absolutely ludicrous.

Kudos to him putting his money where his mouth is (although it WAS his first time eating it), but it's still an inexcusable practice (seal hunting/clubbing).

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"ate a slaughtered seal's raw heart"

I wouldn't eat that.

"the seal hunt is cruel"

Yeah, and the giselle hunt by the lions is cruel, and the small fish hunt by the big fish is cruel.

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The premier of Nunavut, a mostly Inuit province, called the meal an important political statement.

All important political statements boil down to a simple 'Please vote for me'. Politicians who will do anything - anything - in exchange for votes give the good politician (there must be one somewhere, surely?) a bad name.

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Fallacy #1:

Ok look at a map of Canada huh? See that? Notice how the seals are in Canada? Good.

Now look at Japan? Are the seals in Japan? No?

Fallacy #2:

Are seals the same as whales? No?

So don't compare seals to whales.

Fallacy #3:

Resources local to you are local resources. Resources NOT local to you are NOT local resources right?

I'm just counting the false arguments that don't make sense and are not equivalent. That is all I'm saying, and again why it's obviously convenient to those here who want to convolute the issues with other issues.

Solutions #1:

Talk about what you want to talk about, don't use seals if you're talking whales.

Solution #2:

Talk about the comparison between a Sovereign nation using it's sovereign resources, versus a nation stealing them from somewhere else.

Again don't let beautiful logic ruin ugly facts.

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it comes into the same area as tradition. Technically Inuit have hunted for thousands of years albeit not with shotguns ;)

The market just isn't there internationally but Europe does still buy a lot of fur. The markets are drying up and it will end of it's own accord, but not locally.

Interestingly enough, the locals have developed the genes to be able to nutritionally be able to eat a diet of mostly seal meat, while those on a "Western Diet" are suffering from diabetes and other ailments.

Not a simple issue. But one likely to be a local one and not international.

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It should be noted that Harper had his dog beneath the table and made numerous movements of his napkin from his mouth to lap.

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The seal industry which wants to grow is falling and has been for decades.

With global warming opening up a lot of Canada to further development, the eating of seal meat is a means of saying I'm in Canada and is a stab any other country (specificlly: Russia, Denmark, USA) that they are not taking ownership of our waters bordered by Canada (Northwest Passage). This is not what anyone here is talking about though, so the message is coincidentally being confused by these other issues.

This is being used locally for an entirely different purpose, one of Northern pride and sovereignty

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missing 'at' (is a stab at any other country)

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Here's what I know fwiw. Seals are not endangered and there is a large healthy population. Whales are also hunted but are limited. Global warming is changing this but to what extent I cannot say. Different temperatures change fish populations. Both are certainly hunted by our Inuit but again as I noted neither meat is sold outside of the north anyway. Basically a local delicacy. The amounts of both are controlled by the national Fisheries Department. Canada left the IWC in 1982.

No doubt the complications of these two industries, which are different, are continually merged together even though they have quite different issues.

have I answered everyone??

Moderator: Readers, we have already ruled that whaling is not relevant to this discussion.

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Killing an innocent animal by bashing it in the head is WRONG! no matter which animal it is. Shame on Canadian PM for eating the seal meat and showing support to barbarians. These things makes me wish that there is a heaven and hell and these people will pay for killing innocent animals. Or there is a karma and they come back as little seal and get their heads bashed.

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obviously Damien15 you don't do your own research..... Seal Clubbing is not a manner that seals are hunted in the normal course of seal hunting. Hakapiks are used yes... but they are single blow weapons meant to put down seals quickly usually after someone missed with the proper weapon.


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might I suggest reading: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12240525

the hakapik is very humane in 98% of all cases... the remaining 2% are why the government watches sealers (as per the dfo document)

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“We are forcefully asserting and defending Canada’s sovereignty and security in this region,” Harper said.

I missed the part where the seals were disputing Canada's sovereignty.

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JoelR, thanks for the information. But to me, the whole page looks like a desperate attempt to justify animal cruelty. Here's the reason why they are hunted, according to this source. Seals have been hunted for food, fuel, shelter, fur and other products for hundreds of years. It's one thing for Inuits to do it for survival, another for developed nation like Canada do it and try to justify it as they need the seal meat. To make fuel out of them? Use them as shelter? Wear their fur? Just because it's been done for 100 years, doesn't justify why it needs to be done today. We may have been eating each other 100 years ago too. Desperate times bring desperate measures. If Canadians were dying of hunger, you might have a point. But they are not!

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I wonder what seal meat tastes like.

I would be up for trying it once.

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Once again, the meat is not for sale in the South (I'm in Toronto, I've never seen it) but I read maybe South Korea is an export market. But if any it would be quite tiny, also the profits go to the Inuit who have little industry to speak of. The seal products are actually sold to the EU still, who has not banned these Inuit products btw, but other Eastcoast sealers.

also pelts sold in China and Asia.

99% of Canadians have probably never eaten seal meat, so you're point is pointless. Compared to Australian kangaroo meat with exports to 55 countries, this is a nothing issue.

Inuit are allowed to make an income from hunting and are not squeamish about it like the rest of us. We are not connected to our food at all and probably can stomach only fishing, if that.

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This speaks to the larger issue of Canadian Arctic sovereignty mentioned before dealing with the issues of the Northwest Passage opening up due to Global Warming. By calling attention to the North with all this free press, the PM is asserting Canada's ongoing living in the Arctic. That's it really

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Well, Steve, you are what you eat. The French for seal is phoc.

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Sf2k, I never accused Canadians for eating seal meat, but according to the site sent by JoelR points that they are hunted for their meat, fur and so on. My point is Canada itself doesn't need this resource to richen themselves. If Canadian PM is eating the meat to show support for the killers of seals, that I have a problem with. Inuit should be allowed to hunt only for their consumption, not exporting and making money out of it.

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This speaks to the larger issue of Canadian Arctic sovereignty mentioned before dealing with the issues of the Northwest Passage opening up due to Global Warming. By calling attention to the North with all this free press, the PM is asserting Canada's ongoing living in the Arctic. That's it really

In other words, bogus. Nothing to see here.

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New campaign slogan: I [HEART] seal [HEART].

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What an idiot.

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Not one, but two chuckles. You will always be the master!

I have mixed feelings on this having spent 5 summers north of Pickle Lake, Ontario.

The argument of "it's our heritage" doesn't really fly for me. I'm a white American. Part of my "heritage" (although my family emigrated in the '30s) is slavery and giving smallpox to the Indians.

Conversely, I have visited villages in Canada where time, for the most part, has stood still for over 100 years. People lived in nomadic houses that could be taken down and moved easily. The killed the animals they needed to survive. They ate the meat, they used the fat for oil and they used the hides to make mittens and muklucks (sp). For modern "luxuries" like guns, bullets, blankets, etc., they traded or sold bear and moose pelts and sold bear gall bladders to the Chinese for medicine. Honestly, I thought it very noble the way they utilized as much of the animal as possible. So...in that regard, I understand the hunt.

Eating raw heart however...thanks, but no.


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[Inuit should be allowed to hunt only for their consumption, not exporting and making money out of it.] -- Easy for you to say what people of a northern area should be allowed to do for food and money etc. Go there and see how much work there is there. If they want to raise money for their community by selling byproduct that they are no longer using then it should be allowed. They are not doing as in the old west and leaving skinned carcasses around.

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Absolutely disgusting!

Just listen to the liar stephen harper:“We are forcefully asserting and defending Canada’s sovereignty and security in this region,” Harper said.

This is TOO MUCH!The rightists are trying to link eating raw,still-beating seal hearts with national sovereignty.

Well, if they can try and link those two things we will just have to use the same tactics.Maybe I will have to link discrimination and seal slaughter.I'm thinking of buying a burqini and smearing seal blood on it (fake, of course) and then wearing said burqini around town in protest of MY prime minister eating the meat of a seal,already threatened by global warming, that was bludgeoned to death for its fur. Disgusting!I doubt that even bush, the worst president of all time,would try and pull a stunt like this.

Well, anyways my friends, this really bothers, and I think I need some time to be alone.

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Gombei you Canadians are just weird at times. A burqini with fake seal blood? Why don't you go out and kill a stuffed seal and carry it around over your shoulder in support of your fellow Canadians advocating the eating of this meat by all Canadians. It's time you stop stabbing you PM in the back on every issue he has made your previously weak country look good on. Seals will be your sovereignty issue when the Russians come over starting to kill them. Well at least that should shut up the Euros as they are sh!t scared of the Russians. You Canadians though they see as nothing but a bunch of whimpy seal killers. Start supporting your country and kill a REAL seal to show the world how sustainable it is. The meat if unsavory could be sent to Ireland so Bono can save Africa. This could be a good business for the Newfoundlanders who enjoy the lowest employment rate on that rock they live on anyway.

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