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Canadians 'bullying the bullies' over teenager girl's suicide


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Hope the pervert does time! Wonders if Canadian criminals like child molesters like their American counterparts? Told my guy and he said if it was up to him his dead naked body would be floating down the Arkansas river.

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Social media has to be used carefully. Why couldn't she talk to her parents? If she did something of her own will then she is a fool. Sharing your personal info - albeit pics of yourself - is your own responsibility.

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So what does that make your "guy"? I am sure you think that sound like justice and what not but come on... Did you not read the article. They're denouncing vigilante justice. Just the kind you and your "guy" condone.

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People can be so cruel.

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Young people are tragically unaware of the risks of putting yourself online. The Internet is crawling with rats and lice in human form. That will never change, so we need to educate our children better to deal with these dangers.

But the saddest thing in this case is that the poor girl had no-one to turn to for advice and support, and that nobody saw the signs of her growing depression.

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Why would your man strip the perp naked Yuri? Sounds as equally twisted IMO.

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It is a pity that such a young and beautiful girl chose to kill herself. However, this incident is a hidden pointer to the new scourge of society:depression due to mental illness. To some people, the girl behaved immaturely in committing suicide. However, such a belief system acts as an impediment to the awareness that mental illness is just like any other illness:it can kill the sufferer if not treated,or it can be cured. My advice is that massive information on depression and other forms of mental illness and how to overcome them should be given to the youth in order to prevent or check the rapid rise of suicide in our society.

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Famuyiwa Olukayode, Wise words indeed. This poor girl's deep sadness is so tragic.

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If hackers find out the identity of the cyber extortionist and publish his mug for all to see, that would seem poetic justice to me, as much as I can see how problematic the principle is.

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I don't care for bullies but hasn't anyone noticed that this young woman had mental problems far beyond what would be normal for a girl her age, (and Brother, that saying something!).

We can't hold every weak minded teenager's hand or make the World into a remake of the 'Care Bears' for them.

In order to become an adult one needs to toughen up and grow, no excuses, e.g. bullies, accepted.

If she'd survived her own self destructive tendencies long enough to become an adult would the World have gotten any better for her?

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