Canberra denies media probe a Murdoch witch-hunt


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Regulating biased propaganda may or may not be a good thing or become worse..

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Witch hunt? What a terrible misuse of a good word! Murdoch has clearly brought this all on himself through his greed and his lack of integrity.

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In the end it is the public who buy the newspapers and select the T.V. chanel they want to be informed by. Advertisers follow the most popular choices in order to sell their products.The media needs the advertising revenue in order to stay in business, so Mr Murdoch it may be a case of, shape up, or, ship out

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I can't help but really enjoy the irony of seeing rupert murdoch being picked apart by the media. How the worm turns. And I agree with CPT Crunch, this is a mess of his own making.


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This guy deserves to be witch-hunted.

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Murdoch controls about two-thirds of Australia’s regional and metropolitan newspapers, has a stake in broadcasters Sky News and Fox Sports, and is angling to run the Australia Network, the international public TV channel.

Why is he allowed to own such a high portion of the media anyway? Whether you like it or not, Rupert Murdoch is a fantastic businessman! He took every opportunity he could to further expand his media empire. Were some of his actions ethical? like any good businessman, maybe not. I do agree that we should strengthen the powers of the media watchdogs, but I would like to see less reactive policies from Canberra and more forward preventitive thinking.

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