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Candid videos show rare view of unkempt bin Laden


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Unkempt? As contrasted with his usual dapper, well-groomed appearance?

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Ten years of well-earned paranoia probably didn't do much for his appearance or mental state.

(He probably'll look even worse when he bobs back up to the surface like a cork.)

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Surrounded by three wives and countless children? AAaarrrggghhh...

He was probably glad to see the SEALs. "Come to get me out of here at last?

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Folks, do a little research here. OBL in the newly released video, is using his right hand. OBL was a lefty. Check the ears of the geezer in this video, his are not the same as the authentic photos of OBL online, and they are as unique as fingerprints. (That's why one ear showing are required on a Green Card). The man watching TV was most definitely NOT OBL. His obituary was printed in Arabic (and for which I paid to have translated) in Al Waf'd newspaper on December 2001, saying he'd died on the 14th from health complications (probably kidneys) and then buried according to Sunni Wahabi tradition in an unmarked grave in Afghanistan. No mention of any dialysis machine was made in the haul from this compound last week. Ipso facto proof that either Allah had healed him, or the person killed and dumped at sea was not OBL. C'mon BHO, we can see through this lie. He's dead alright, but since 2001, and you can take that to the bank.

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Wow, I'm not used to seeing him with a beard!

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Yeah Libertas, cause it is well known that lefties never use their right hands for anything. It just hangs there uselessly. The rest of your post is equally useless.

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"He was probably glad to see the SEALs. "Come to get me out of here at last?"

Nah, they know their place. New reports are surfacing to say bin-Laden was that sick of the Royal wedding he gave his own position away to stop the media hysteria, and obviously, as a final middle figure to die-hard Bush supporters still in Denial.

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I wonder how many people have seen these "too gruesome" photos.

Bin Laden is in the ocean. Isn't that ironic. Surrounded by seals again.

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