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Candy tycoon elected Ukraine president


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Pro-Russians are waiting to get their talking points from Miscow. They are well trained in waiting to be told what to say.

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Petro Poroshenko is waiting to get his orders from the west and the IMF. I can already hear the large sucking sound coming from Kiev.

I give it about 9 months. By that time the Ukrainian Nazi's will have intimidated the Kiev leaders in to starting a full scale civil war, or they'll disappear.

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Some people in Eastern Ukraine were denied their right to vote. If people don't wanna vote, then they won't vote. But don't deny them the right to vote.

At least the voting was allowed observers and exit polls to ensure as much as possible that there are no "surprises" by the time the ballot boxes are counted, so the candidates can have no complaints about the outcome.

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People deserve the politicians they vote for. Maybe a different president would had been elected if many Eastern Ukrainians weren't denied their right to vote.

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LOL, the maiden protesters must feel pretty stupid now. All this for what? They ousted a pro-Russia oligarch for a ex pro-Russia who turn coat and now pro EU-US oligarch.

I just feel sorry for the poor majority who didn't want any of all this drama.

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Either way Ukrainians lose out. The problem with sham democracy is there is no permanent effective constitution set in place that lays a strong foundation for all the people to have their say. Anyone can just throw out a "vote"or ballot box and call it "democracy" but with no official support and groundwork for legitimacy nobody knows who they can trust to run their country.

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