Capt Tom Moore, WWII vet whose walk cheered UK, dies at 100


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Godspeed Captain Tom...

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I quote from my alma mater:

And when our work is done,

Our course on Earth is run,

May it be said 'well done,'

Be thou at peace.

A salute, Captain Tom. May you reap rich rewards in whatever comes in the next life.

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Capt Sir Tom had an amazing last year, a great example of Britain’s greatest generation. Condolences to his family.

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What a tragedy. My heart goes out to his family and friends, and to the medical workers who probably shed tears over losing him. Just heartbreaking.

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Shows that you are never too old to achieve great things.

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Old soldiers never die, they simply fade away.

Thank you for your service, Captain Sir Tom. Not only did you fight fascism for all of us, you also brought cheer to the world as we faced this pandemic.

You were an inspiration.

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During this pandemic we've seen a lot of people willing to sacrifice the lives of the elderly in order to preserve their own miserable "freedom" to continue their own lives without having to make even the smallest sacrifices for the common good. Captain Tom's life and example in old age provides the irrefutable truth that people's lives are always the most important thing, even if they are many years past the age deemed expendable by those who would deny them a peaceful and, in Captain Tom's case, deeply worthwhile last few years.

Vale Captain Tom.

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It's sad that the veteran soldier-survivor from WW2 was, in the end, unable to dodge the Covid bullet, but his last year on earth after a long life brought many blessings to him and to others. RIP.

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Thank you for your service.

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“Ground Control to Captain Tom “

Thank you Sir for showing us all what continued service and contribution looks like .

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His charity fund raising was one of the good stories coming out during the early days of this pandemic.

Sad that he has passed, but it was a life lived to the fullest till the end.

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I hope this amazing hero is not PR spun by the failing UK govt.

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What a great life this man lived. RIP.

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RIP Sir - you're a hero in more ways than one...

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Devoted himself for the greater good.

Many of my fellow Americans cannot be bothered to wear a mask.

RIP Captain.

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There are fewer and fewer WW2 vets. Treasure them.

Outstanding job, Captain Tom.

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What a remarkable life. The report fails to mention he also become the oldest person to have a number one single in the charts in a duet with his favourite singer, Michael Ball.

Rest in peace, sir.

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The best thing about him was that with all the media and hoopla that surrounded him he didn't seem to change at all. Just a really nice, decent old bloke!

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A WWII veteran that most recently helped to raise millions for the NHS during this pandemic. Captain Tom was a courageous hero to the very end.

Rest in Peace Captain Sir Tom Moore. I hope that you're resting well after a life well spent.

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Capt Tom Moore, WWII vet whose walk cheered UK, dies at 100

At 100 you can expect to die any day. He remained relatively healthy and did some great things til the end. Way to go.

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A life lived and service to his country. Amazing final year for him. The best of us. But I have to stop and ask where he became infected with Covid considering he was probably stay at home. Probably there will be a statue of him.

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Capt Tom Moore, kind, selfless, a true officer, and a gentleman.

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These day I rarely get the chance to say I’m proud to be British. Thanks Captain Tom and may you Rest In Peace.

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Health care workers are front-line warriors. Capt Tom Moore will be remembered for long for his qualities of head and heart. Respectful farewell.

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