Captain of S Korean ferry, 2 other crew members arrested; bodies seen


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This is so horrible. I hope more survivors are recovered soon.

I don't understand the level of incompetency by the captain and his mates. How could this have happened?

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In his suicide note, Kang said he felt guilty for surviving and wanted to take responsibility for what happened because he had led the trip,

This is terribly, terribly sad. It wasn't your fault, Mr. Kang. I hope you have found peace.

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It will be interesting to see what the investigation digs up in regard to the cabin mod done. It sounds a little like the shopping centre that collapsed where mods were done beyond the safe structural design of the building.

It’s hard for people to move

Sounds like more than the insignificant 5 degrees list that was first reported to me.

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I am sad beyond belief! The thought of all of those children dying in the cold waters of the Eastern Sea. I still pray that they be rescued.

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Saw via TV the three arrested suspects being paraded in front of the press in South Korea. Yes, they are alive ... but I was always under the impression that the captain of the ship is the last one to leave the vessel in case of an emergency. Their explanations will probably run afoul of what they were supposed to have done in this horrible incident.

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A civilian diver saw the three bodies inside the ship through windows but was unable to break the windows,

While I have no doubt there are many capable civilian divers, wouldn't they be better off accepting the (military) help US has offered? (Although who knows, they might turn around and sue them later!)

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MariaM >>While I have no doubt there are many capable civilian divers, wouldn't they be better off accepting the (military) help US has offered? (Although who knows, they might turn around and sue them later!)

Some US military personnel is suing for exposure to radiation because they were misled with false information about radiation. TEPCO lied to the whole world...

Anyway... to keep on the subject. The S, Korean government has been offered assistance from Japan also. But their pride is keeping them from allowing us to help. Pride hurts....

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The ferry, loaded with high school kids on a tight schedule, was pressed to make up the two hours its departure was delayed; when an excessively tight turn was made, insufficiently secured cargo shifted, dooming the ship.

I had had some sympathy for the captain until I realized this. He was not only not piloting his ship correctly, he completely bungled the response.

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Note: this ship has already drifted +5km from where it sank and still is drifting.

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They have around 650 divers working in shifts, but work are limited by the conditions - current and poor visibility. Probably very few have tools to break ships cabin windows (they are strengthened to resist waves), titanium crowbars to gain access; commercial divers such as those who work on rigs and pipelines would be best.

They are many military, police and SF divers amongst them, but little cooperation between them, according to people on site. And remember, the first rule of rescue diving is not to be come a casualty yourself...

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Divers used here most likely got a "Search & Rescue" as well as a "Wreck" and "Black Water" diving certificates.

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It has now been revealed that the captain was asked to write his name and identify who he was when he was rescued. Next to his name he wrote that he was a passenger. Unbelievable. This man is a coward.

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Where has this been revealed?

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