Leaderless WTO in troubled water with no land in sight


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The WTO WHO and UN are all a bad joke!!!!

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Good! I hope it and the corrupt UN go the way of the League of Nations, into the dustbin of history.

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The WTO can collapse under its corrupt weight and take the UN with it!

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Their biggest mistake was inviting Communist China into the WTO. Can they reverse that?

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The WTO WHO and UN are all a bad joke!!!!

The forerunner of the WTO and UN were devised towards the end of WWII by the allies to hopefully prevent the conditions that led to WWII from recurring in the future. Those two organizations plus the World Bank were designed by leaders in the middle of one of the bloodiest conflicts in human history all of who were acutely aware of the conditions that led to that horrible war and the world war that preceded it only two decades prior and who were determined to come up with a better way of organizing the world in the future so the world would not repeat it again with WWIII. This generation has utterly forgotten the reasons the world slouched into WWII, the beggar thy neighbor trade policies, territorial disputes and authoritarian thugs leading nations. We destroy these institutions at great peril.

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Well said, but I'm afraid that the people you would most like to read and consider your comments have taken one look at your post and thought "Too many words".

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Desert Tortoise - We destroy these institutions at great peril.

"We"? I don't know what you have been up to, but it appears that the WHO is destroying itself from within.

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