Car bomb in Turkey's capital kills at least 34, injures 125


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This is extremely sad. I pray that the day terrorism will stop come soon. RIP.

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Why is it that so many people see killing innocent citizens as the only solution to their problems? Admittedly many people the world over are under oppression of some sort from their own government, but killing their fellow citizens never has and never will bring about a solution. Normally, it only brings more pressure from the government to make their lives even more difficult. My heart goes out to all those killed and injured in Ankara.

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With tacit support to ISIS, now those seeds that Erdogan planted have started to grow shoots. Let's hope its not too late before this beautiful country goes down into the drain like Pakistan.

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Turkey is faced with an array of issues, including renewed fighting with the Kurdish rebels, threats from the Islamic State group and a Syrian refugee crisis.

They still need to pay for shooting down that russian bomber. Putin let them off scott-free. The turks lucked out on that one eh?

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Crazy joe

You are absolutely right. He planted seeds of all extremist groups,opened his very long border with Syria,armed and supported them,treating them in Turkish hospitals,buying stolen Syrian oil for very cheap price.Using ISIS to fight Kurds on behalf of him,but he forgot that you cant use a snake to bite your enemies,and put it back in your pocket.Its time to payback Mr.Ardogan.

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It's such a tragedy. Innocent people in Turkey are being punished for what Erdogan and the Turkish government had started. Helping ISIS is a bad idea. Breaking ceasefire and discriminate killing of Kurds is a bad idea.

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Guys, this was not ISIS...that was done by PKK (who call themselves protector of the Kurdish rights but of course they are not even a little bit protector of Kurdish Poeple..Kurdish Popele are our brothers and some powers try to make us enemies) .... And wake up from your dreams..without global powers, nobady can even move a fnger in middle east. And since the cold war time USA and ex-Soviet Union now Russia have been always the big supporters of the chaos in this region ...and nothing can give anbody any right to kill innocent people..

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