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Car bombs kill 51 in attack on Iraqi pilgrims


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"al-Maliki, who must soon decide whether to ask U.S. forces to stay after the end of the year"

Al-Maliki: Will you stay after the end of the year to help us...

U.S. forces: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

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Thats another 50 dead because of BUSH. Sadam killed a couple of thousand (of his own to control his CRAZY people) but lets say 10,000 for the sake of it, in his 24 year reign. Bush and his pointless war, millions in 8 years (casualties PLUS opening the door for those NUTTERS that Sadam tried so hard to control with his iron fist policies)! Another way to see this is imagining China invading America and releasing all the nutters in Jail to do more damage! What a biased world we live in.

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Al Quaida is responsible for these deaths.

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You just gotta love religions.

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The US are ghosts and shadows on the periphery. When the US leaves no-one will be able to blame Bush or whoever any more.

Propaganda aside, who is really attacking and killing Muslims? In reality? The real fight is between the Sunni extremists and the Shiites.

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" Al-Maliki: Will you stay after the end of the year to help us... U.S. forces: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! "

Wouldn´t that be nice. Alas, Obama will say something more like "absolutely, we are happy to stay indefinitely as sitting ducks and scapegoats". Never underestimate the stupidity of Western governments.

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" You just gotta love religions. "

Not all "religions". Iraqi Christians, Jews, Yazidis, Mandeans, and Zoroastrians have not committed on single terrorist act. They have only been on the receiving end. So a bit of less generalization would be sensible.

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Yeah so killing their own kind make sense?! Don't Blame Buish, its the Terrorists who are Blowing themselves UP! in crowded places. haven't these Dumb extremists thought of working on the country to make it better? once everything is ok we(usa) will Leave. these Brainless acts are not making anything Better. neither will Blaming anyone. its Difficult to stop someone who blows themselves up in a crowd or a car. the "nutters" in Jail in Iraq were NOT really criminals! they went against saddam at some point, its Not them doing the attacks. its extremeists. HELLO! READ on issues.

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You just gotta love religions.

Because religion slapped a bomb on itself and killed a bunch of pilgrims? It's always easier to blame religion then it is humanity.

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" Yeah so killing their own kind make sense?! "

Not their own. The Iraqi Sunnis kill Shiites, and Shiites kill Sunnis. While they both attack Christians, they regard each other as heretics.

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