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Car hits pedestrians in Melbourne; 4 dead, 15 injured


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More information please !

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God damn.. The videos are horrific

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"including a child". horrifying.

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I was watching this today. It started with the driver stabbing people in morning, the police found him driving and gave chase. They pull off the chase for some reason. 5 minutes latter the driver turn up outside Flinders Station the busiest intersection in Australia ( 1.00 pm ) and start doing donuts ( Burn outs) for at least 5 min stopping periodically to hang out the window yelling doing fist pumps. THis is the middle of Melbourne CBD and lunch time and not one copper with in 6 minutes away. People assume it was some idiot and people started to cross the intersection during the 5 minutes of burn out just ignoring him. After the burn outs he turn his car onto the the footpath and and drove for about 500meter mowing over anyone who could not get out of the way. if you couldn't,t fee into a shop you were trap by bracing between columns from the consturction hording. So you had to run along the path until gap in the braceing so to get out onto to the road. It was awful. What really get me is that there was a police helicopper above during the 5minutes of burn out and still no police on foot in the busy time and place in Melbourne. Like Melbourne CBD has been fretten with terrorist attacks and it took 6 minutes for the first police in cars arrive. Not one copper on foot out the front of Flinder station. If you know Melbourne you would be wondering why this idoit was not taken out before he started mowing people down.

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Further info: http://www.news.com.au/national/breaking-news/man-kills-three-injures-20-in-bourke-st/news-story/5117b98f4beadea4b13d1b2c930c592a

That part of Melbourne is probably the busiest in the entire state.

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Three words.

Radical. Muslim. Extremist. That will be the underlying cause.

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The incident comes amid global concern over extremists using vehicles to strike crowds

So, I'm gonna guess that there are no "global concerns" of the use of smart bombs, drones or any other type of weapons used on civilian populations. At least by the Associated Press anyway. Notice how they slip that in there as if it has any relevance to the story? Friggen MSM and their global fear campaign.

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Friggen MSM and their global fear campaign.

I agree, Fox News is deplorable:

The incident comes amid global concern over extremists using vehicles to strike crowds, following truck attacks in Berlin and Nice, France last year. Police Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton said the Melbourne incident had no links to terrorism.

Link: http://www.foxnews.com/world/2017/01/20/3-killed-15-hurt-after-car-strikes-pedestrians-in-melbourne.html

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Drug abuse messes people up. It seems that this is a major factor here. The guy was well known to the police. I know many people argue about the legalisation of drugs to reduce the "wasted money" on the "war on drugs". I can understand the argument, but drugs do mess up people's lives. What's the solution. Me, I have no idea.

Oh, and FizzBit and Strangerland, the MSM (main-stream-media) and LSM (lame-stream-media - those crazy right-wing fake news sites) all twist and exaggerate to make their stories more click-bait friendly. Call out the side you don't like on their failings - great - but it isn't a one way street. Both sides need to pull their heads in or you're just throwing lies at each other.

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I agree, Fox News is deplorable:

Same coin, different side. But FOX is still using the same AP story. So your point is a big fail.

-6 ( +1 / -7 )

No I think my point made itself. Fox is MSM.

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Fox is MSM.

No doubt. Corporate MSM. Where you failed (saying this lightly) was not noticing that it was still the same AP story.

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I noticed it - it was word-for-word the same thing in this article.

But it still proved my point.

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And what point was that, other than what I stated when I said "same coin"?

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It is becoming more and more clear that this whole thing relates to mental health issues. Aside from the death and injury caused, the next most disturbing thing is how some politicians think that this incident is a good way to score political points. Yep, one Australian politician in the pocket of the U.S. NRA has used this incident to argue for the loosening of restrictions on semi-automatic weapons. I guess in times of troubles, some scum can't help but rise to the surface...


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@Burning bush, 4 dead in the middle of Australia's second largest city...on all the news here, so would expect it to make global news too. JT seems to have a lot of other stories that often seem less globally significant.

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If you know Melbourne you would be wondering why this idoit was not taken out before he started mowing people down.

If the police knew everything about this maggot, which they did, you would be wondering why he was bailed on the weekend. Hope he spends the rest of his crummy life getting the crap smacked out of him in the prison that will become his coffin

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Real point is - why was a mental individual allowed so many chances to create chaos.

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Vic law allow for idiots to get bail easy like a convicted rapist on bail for another raped then raped killed a girl in the middle of Melbourne.

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Burning Bush. Three adults, One 10 - year old girl and one 3 month old baby lost their lives and another 5 victims were critically injury and fighting for life. Dozens of peoples were injury and hospitalized by that accident.

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@burningbush. Would you consider it global news if it happened in San Francisco? @donkusai. The guy is just a plain and simple dickhead which doesn't fall under the banner of mental health issues. He said the police were harassing him... seems like they had good reason to.

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