Carradine didn't commit suicide, expert says


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"The forensics expert hired by David Carradine’s family has concluded that the “Kung Fu” actor did not commit suicide, but said that more information was needed from Thai investigators before the cause of death could be determined."

Hired by the family, eh? Well, that changes things a little. People want to hear certain things, and if they'll hear it especially when they pay someone to say so.

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rest in peace and with dignity

bit late for the dignity bit sadly

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Where does he lose his dignity? He didn't assault anybody. He wasn't a pervert. He was into sexual play different then what you care for, but he never lost his dignity.

As far as I'm concernd, David Carradine was a great actor, I loved the Kung Fu series and he just went a bit to far.

Rest in Peace. < :-)

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Sounds like he rigged it up to the door handle and the wrong maid pulled it open.

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adaydream: "Where does he lose his dignity? He didn't assault anybody. He wasn't a pervert. He was into sexual play different then what you care for, but he never lost his dignity."

I don't know, man... I have to say he lost some dignity. I still respect him totally, but someone who accidentally kills themself during sex-play (and is found the way he was... pics being taken and shown to family, etc.) loses a wee bit of dignity in the eyes of many. If he WILLINGLY went out that way then no dignity lost.

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They could have asked the JT readers... we told them so from the beginning :-)

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WilliB :))))

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Don't know if it was intentional suicide, but I am inclined to believe that he got it wrong somehow. Who in their right mind would cut off the blood supply to their head and also tie something around their neck?

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An "expert", eh... well, if they pay you, I guess you can call yourself that.

I sayed it before, but am I the only one who thinks that Carradine dying from botched auto-erotic asphyxiation is actually better than him having committed suicide? I mean, the thought of being a wealthy, successful, world famous actor, making it to 79 or whatever, and then getting so depressed you kill your self is just, well, sad. This way, hey, at least we was enjoying himself!

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"Carradine didn't commit suicide"

There's no suicide note, is there?

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We knew this before the experts chimed in. He either accidently died from asphyxiation while pleasuring himself (alone or with some help) Or he was murdered. Either way he will be missed.

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The chambermaid did it.

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and he just went a bit to far

slight understatement. sad he unintentionally ended his career with such an undignified exit.

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