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Cat hurled from Sydney bridge onto moving car


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Sorry for the cat, and glad the driver is not seriously injured. Sick indeed. Who in the hell would do this.

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Poor cat.

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Glad the old man's okay. Shame about the cat - most likely kids who need a good swift kick.

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Isn't it possible that the cat just fell?

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They say it all starts with cats. Find 'im and look in the fridge.

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maybe it was Rodney Rude....

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I have heard that there is a height at which it doesn't matter if the cat always lands on its feet. I guess this is one of those situations.

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If he escaped injury, what was he recovering from? shock?

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Even my dog didn't find this funny - and his suggestions for retribution are quite unprintable.

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This is very sick what will the sick person do next?

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Reminds me of the man who made the news last week turning his dead cat into a helicopter. At the time I thought it was weird, tasteless and likely to bring on a new rash of cruelty. Hope this Sydney stunt was just a one-off.

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Even a monkey can fall from a tree.

The only reason to jump to the conclusion that a person did this is to raise awareness, jog memories and hopefully find out if it really was a person responsible.

Here is a cat story for you: Our beloved Siamese cat Timothy went missing. We tried to piece together what could have happened to him. The only out of the ordinary thing was that we had a truck full of baled straw in the yard. Then grandpa says he thought he saw something fly off the back of the truck in the rear view while on the highway when he was delivering the straw. All we can figure is that our cat got in the straw and later jumped off for being freaked out.

Could that be what happened to this cat?

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If a person did this then it was extremely cruel! I really do hope this cat has nine lives. The cat deserves to live on. Poor thing.

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Last week it was sheep, this week it's a cat. I'm afraid to think what may be next.

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Why are people so cruel to animals?

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